Which Social Media Site is Right for Your Business?

Your First Impression

With so many people going straight to your company’s Instagram or Facebook page before visiting your website, your social media presence is often the first exposure for many of your customers.  From your logo to your bio to your content, our goal at NetLZ is to leave an indelible first impression.

With so many sites to choose from, a well-intentioned strategy could still get lost in the shuffle.  While all social sites share the goal of fostering a network, many of them trace different paths to get there.  For instance, a design business may prefer Instagram while a law firm may see better results from LinkedIn.  On the other hand, a real-time news or current affairs site may benefit the most from Twitter,  a commerce provider may benefit from TikTok and a B2C service provider from Facebook. We customize your social media presence in order to reap the best returns for your business.

Our Work Continues

Our work does not end just because we connect you to the right social media channels, however.  We continue to promote your brand through high-quality, targeted content.  For this reason, we select the most relevant pictures, videos, GIFS and more to increase shares, tags and page views.  Our experience proves invaluable in making sure that not only are your posts engaging, but that they also deliver measurable results for your brand.

Engage Your Customers

Increasing customer engagement is one of the best ways to build awareness; one of the great things about social media is that it enables you to interact directly with your customers.  Therefore, we continually share current information and welcome customer input through social media.  Ultimately, we promote your products or services by revealing the story of your business on social networks.

Unlimited Potential

Although nearly everyone maintains a social media presence these days, very few businesses manage social media to their greatest advantage. With Facebook having surpassed one billion users a few years ago, the potential to market your brand through social media is limitless.  Not only can you increase traffic and potential leads, but you can also build a community.  At NetLZ, we understand how crucial a fully-developed social media strategy is to the continued success of your enterprise.

Social Media Channels

We at NetLZ offer marketing services for all the popular social media channels including: FacebookInstagramTikTokPinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you looking to increase your footprint in the social media space, contact us at (973) 599-1000 for a free consultation.