Social Media Marketing - Instagram

instagram marketing strategy

Behind Facebook, Instagram is the second most accessed social media network. In a month, Instagram has over one billion active users and every day, 500 million Instagram Stories are posted. Instagram started out as a more personal social media platform but has branched out into a more professional side over the past few years. It is estimated that 71% of American businesses utilize Instagram, which is a great digital marketing strategy. Research conducted by Instagram themselves in 2022 revealed that more than 83% of Instagram users have discovered a new service or product on the social media application. Not only are Instagram users active- they’re engaged as well. Instagram found that 59% of their active users visit the social media network daily and spend at least 7 hours a week scrolling through content and interacting with friends and businesses.

The reason Instagram is such a great digital marketing tool for businesses when compared to other forms of social media is its very visual nature. Marketing with Instagram isn’t inherently difficult, but it does require you to have a solid understanding of the social media platform and its algorithms. You also need to have a good understanding of your target audience by taking into account factors like age, location, gender, income, interests, motivations, and triggers. Once you figure out your targeted Instagram audience, you should conduct a competitive analysis to see what your top competitors are posting. If you don’t know your top competitors, you can search for terms that relate to your business to try and find accounts similar to yours.

How do you use Instagram for marketing purposes?

To really take the most advantage of Instagram’s marketing, you need to build a consistent brand that your target audience can connect and engage with. People on Instagram aren’t looking to have bland and repetitive advertisements thrown in their faces- they’re looking for genuine and authentic content that they feel they can relate to. If you post random and disjointed content, your audience may become confused or bored, causing you to ultimately lose followers. Developing a consistent brand aesthetic will help both existing and potential customers get a better sense of your brand’s personality and what your brand stands for.

Instagram has built-in data analytics, making it easier for businesses to track the success of their digital marketing strategies on the social media platform. Through Instagram Insights, businesses can view statistics like impressions, engagement data, follower demographics, and much more. While these tools seem incredibly helpful, they are not if you don’t know how to interpret them and apply the data to your digital marketing campaign. Here at NetLZ, we have many experts that specialize in all different types of social media networks, including Instagram. Hiring an Instagram marketing expert will help you elevate your businesses’ visibility and drive more traffic to your website. The possibilities for digital marketing on Instagram are endless, not to mention highly effective as well. If you would like a free Instagram marketing consultation, you can contact us at (973) 599-1000.