Voice Search

voice search seo

While it probably comes as no surprise that search marketing is constantly evolving, the impact that voice search is poised to make on SEO is game-changing.

If you have used Alexa or Google Home to give you the name of a plumber near your home, or if you asked Siri the name of a Mexican restaurant while in a new city, you are already taking part in the voice search revolution.

At NetLZ, we can help you take part in this revolution from the other side.

Value Of Vocal Search

Although people have used voice search on their smartphones for years, the adoption of smart speakers has really expanded the playing field. Indeed, recent statistics show that nearly 60% of consumers have used vocal search to get local business information within the past year. In addition, vocal search has high value because it is up to 30 times more likely to be action or intent oriented. In other words, these searches have very high conversion rates.

With this trend expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years, your business can no longer wait to incorporate voice search into your search engine optimization strategy.

A Different Approach

Although people often use phrases when searching online, we go deeper by looking at the types of questions that people ask about your products and services. At NetLZ, we create content specifically to answers the questions that arise from voice search. 

Furthermore, our personalized approach extends to the different ways people search vocally. Whether your customers prefer phones, speakers or tablets, we understand that each device requires a slightly different strategy.

High Growth For All Markets

Now that speech recognition technology has improved to almost human-level accuracy, people of all ages are using voice search because it is faster, easier, and it even lets you multi-task.

Since it is the fastest growing area of SEO, the time to optimize your site for voice search is now and, at NetLZ, we are perfectly poised to help you make this transition.

If you are interested in adding customized voice search commands to Alexa or Google Home’s dictionary to market your latest products or services (special sales or promotions), please call us at (973) 599-1000.