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Tops Social Sites

If you could choose just one social media platform for your business, which one would it be? Chances are that for the vast majority, a single choice would mean Facebook. It is one of the biggest social media platforms available, has a huge number of members and it’s free. Fortunately, no one business is limited to just one choice; instead each business has the important task of determining which social platforms are the best ones to use if they wish to actively engage with their clientele. The web 2.0 provides a platform through which a business can connect and interact with their clientele. Here are the top sites that the modern business should consider using in their social media strategies.

Facebook is one of the Most Popular

There’s probably no surprise about Facebook topping all sorts of popular lists. The site boasts about 750,000,000 unique visitors a month. One thing that the site developers added recently was a unique way for businesses to build their own page. This offers a wide variety of tools for any business to use to reach their targeted audience. In order for Facebook to be an effective part of an online marketing strategy, it is important to set goals of what you hope to accomplish through this type of connection with clients. Then it will have to be maintained by providing useful information to clientele such as specials, new products, promotions or general information. Facebook can be a great way to connect with a “fan base” which in business terms means clientele or customers.

Twitter Offers a Simple Way to Connect

Twitter is just as much of a household term as Facebook anymore. They have approximately 250,000,000 unique monthly visitors and most businesses as well as individuals have an account. Even though Twitter can be an important part of providing backlinks to the business site, it is much more valuable than that. It offers a platform from which ideas, products, services and general information about a business can be shared with consumers. Businesses of all sizes use Twitter to connect with consumers. By using the company name as a Twitter ID many have found it an essential part of branding. This platform, like Facebook allows for many forms of media to be shared which is very beneficial in order to connect with users of varying technical levels and interests.

Many Prefer LinkedIn for Social Marketing Campaigns

Many companies now use LinkedIn to expand or develop professional business relationships. LinkedIn has somewhere around 110,000,000 unique monthly visitors to the site. This social media site has a little more formal feel to it than some of the others but it can be a great way to attract customers as well as build a network. Basically by building your business profile your company will become more visible. LinkedIn is a social site and information can flow both ways as with most of the Web 2.0 world. It’s a great place to market the business.

Pinterest’s Popularity Continues to Soar

Pinterest is a very popular social media site which is one of the youngest on the block at just about three years old and it already has nearly 50 million users. Pinterest provides a unique way to interact with an audience. Its visual appeal can offer a very fun and engaging way to interact with a targeted audience. It’s a great tool for branding and to promote specific products. Last November, Pinterest added business pages which provides a much better platform designed for commercial interests. In order to promote products, they will need to be collected around a theme such as designs, colors, locations, or materials. One a theme is chosen, numerous boards can be developed around it. Pinterest is a good way to market a business.

Google Plus+ Can be an Integral Part of a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Google+ can be a significant part of a social marketing strategy. The site has approximately 65 million unique monthly visitors. One of the biggest advantages to using the Google+ platform is that it offers a way to organize connections into groups or “hangouts.” This allows a business owner a way to organize things like a panel discussion to explain how to use their products. The meeting can then be archived and uploaded straight to YouTube. It has a very professional feel but it very easy to use.