Page 1 of Google

How to Get to Page 1 of Google


What’s all this talk you hear SEO experts doing about getting on page 1 of Google? How many pages are there, and why do you want to be on page 1 anyway? After all, if people are searching for you in search engines, they’ll find you, right? Well, not exactly. First things first. The question: How many pages does Google have? Funny you should ask. According to, a website that constantly estimates, updates, and reports the true size of Internet, as of June 2014 the estimated size of Google’s index is upwards of … brace yourself … 50 billion pages! Say what?! It’s true. So, if your website is not on page 1, what do you suppose is the likelihood of your site being found among the 50 billion pages in Google’s database? Let’s put it this way. Did you ever hear someone remark that you have a better chance of being bitten by a shark on land than of winning the lotto? Pretty funny, huh? Not really, if you’re trying to win the lotto … or if you’re that one person in a trillion who’s been bitten by a shark on land. Okay, chances are you have a better chance of having your business found in the 50 billion pages in Google’s index than by being bitten by a shark that enjoys a land stroll every now and again. But, chances are also pretty good that you don’t like them odds any better than that landlubber-shark prospect. So what can you do to get your business’s website on page 1 of Google, anyway? And does it really make that much of a difference if you’re on page 1 or page 10 or page 100? (more…)

Doing Nothing

The Cost of Doing Nothing


According to a 2011 article published in Forbes Magazine, 80 percent of consumers report using the Internet first in their searches for business services and products. More recent studies, however, show an even greater percentage of consumers heading to the web first. In a 2013 study performed by local media and advertising experts BIA Kelsey, 97 percent of consumers use the Internet first and foremost to find all manner of small business products and services. That’s right. Nearly all consumers rely on online advertising as their first line of inquiry when searching for your business’s goods or services. (more…)

Paid Advertising

Cost Benefit of Paid Advertising on Local Websites


Face it. Local business competition is a dog fight. How many businesses are there in your neighborhood or your city that sell the same types of products or offer the same types of services that your business provides? Chances are there are quite a few, and if you’re serious about selling product, making a profit, and just plain staying in business, you’ve simply got to step up your digital marketing strategies. So, with all the different types of marketing and advertising that are available in the business world these days, which ones should you include in your marketing campaign? Is it necessary to use the Internet? And if you embark on a digital marketing strategy and use the Internet as an advertising tool, should you purchase ads on local websites?


Most recent statistics show that more people now use the Internet to search for a service or product than ever, with a nearly two to one ratio in favor of Internet searches. That means if you aren’t advertising on a local website, more than two thirds of your potential customers are going to you competitors. And what’s worse is that some of your competitors are advertising on the web. Take for example Trulia and Zillow. Each launched less than a decade ago, these two real estate giants exist solely on the Internet. They are websites for real estate buyers, sellers, and professionals that extend their reach into local markets. Together, Trulia and Zillow account for, are you ready for this, 89 percent of the real estate market! Now, take into consideration the fact that Trulia recently announced a deal to purchase Zillow. That means that this one company will be the online real estate market. If your business is real estate, and you don’t have an ad on Trulia, you’re history.


Internet advertising has grown since its early days. The fact is that there came a surge of advertisers in the beginning that faded, largely due to practices that don’t exist anymore. Because of the changes that have been made, online advertising is back on top, and with companies such as Google, Amazon, and Yahoo experiencing gargantuan success, web advertising is here to stay. So what are the cost benefits you would experience by advertising your business on a local website?


True cost effectiveness

The first question on any business owner’s mind regarding any form of advertising is, “How much will it cost?” The fact is that local online ads are actually cheaper than any other form of advertising! In comparison to the high cost of television and radio ads that can only be seen when people are watching or listening, and newspaper ads that are, face it, a dying breed, online ads cost less to purchase and run. Advertisers pay only when their ads are clicked, meaning you know that a potential customer is interested before you pay anything.


Target audience

Now that you know local online ads cost less, add to that the fact that your ads won’t reach just anyone watching or listening; they’ll reach your target audience. Unlike other types of advertising, your online ads on local websites will be targeted specifically to the people who are looking for your products or services.


Larger audience

Americans are spending more time on their computers than ever before, and this means they’re reading online ads much more than they are seeing television ads, hearing radio ads, or reading newspaper ads. And let’s not even talk about the fact that most people these days record their favorite television shows and skip over the commercials anyway. The chances of consumers seeing your ad are much greater than an ad in any other medium.


Better tracking

Ads on local online websites have the potential of being tracked. This capability makes them more effective than other types of ad campaigns because your ads can be adjusted and reformulated for even more specific targeting. You can tell just by how many clicks your ad gets and how much response there is to it the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies and how to approach any necessary changes.


Quicker response time

Local online ads get a direct response from customers. When your target audience clicks on your ad, it’s actually engaging an interaction between you and your customers, and customers can respond in a timelier manner than with other types of advertising.


Website direction

Your online ad can point to your website, making the chances of your customer base growing even greater. When potential customers click on your ad in a local website, they can be directed to your site with your ad’s intriguing message. There, they can learn so much more about your business and the benefits of purchasing your products and services. Additionally, your website’s content can teach them even more about your industry and why what you offer will benefit them more than your competitors’ goods and services.


Easy pay

Consumers have shown through their behavior that they prefer the convenience of quicker response time and the easier payment methods that are offered through the Internet. Additionally, because online ads are more targeted, your return on investment is greater, meaning there is less overall risk with a digital marketing strategy than with any other medium.


There’s never been another approach to advertising that can proclaim, with little argument that it will never die. Regardless of whatever popularity newspapers, radio, and television have enjoyed in the past, or even are enjoying now, the fact is that they’re all being replaced with new media. However, because computer technology is only getting better, the Internet is likely not going away anytime soon. The global reach of the web alone makes it the most valuable medium ever innovated by humankind. Now, can you let that kind of influence in the business world pass you by? Digital marketing trends are the wave of the future, without a doubt. There is simply no other viable possibility when it comes to advertising. A digital marketing strategy is a critical means of getting your business name, mission, and products in front of your widest target audience possible. For these reasons, the cost benefit of paid ads on local websites is immeasurable, all in favor of your business’s success.

Blog word.

Cost Benefits of SEO


Search engine optimization isn’t important if you own a business. It’s necessary. It’s unavoidable. It’s critical. There’s just no such thing in today’s cutthroat web world as success without SEO. Experienced and knowledgeable SEO experts and SEO
have the capabilities of creating workable and beneficial digital marketing strategies that help businesses soar to the top of search engines. Look, can you get by without SEO? Probably, but the fact is you’ll be fighting an uphill battle that ends with you and your business right back where you started … at the bottom. So why fight it? The questions when it comes to SEO, just like any other type of marketing strategy, are how much of it is enough and how to determine the cost benefits. Since, undoubtedly, you’re going to market your business anyway, it’s best to analyze how much of those marketing costs should go to search engine optimization.


When determining the cost benefit of any marketing strategy, naturally, you must measure its usefulness against expenditures. There was a time, quite a few years ago now, that digital online marketing strategies weren’t necessary to build a business. Those days, however, are long gone. Simply put every person who wants success for their business needs a website, and that means that every business must do some sort of online marketing. SEO has become the cornerstone of digital marketing strategies because SEO experts exponentially increase traffic to websites. Here are some of the most measurable and significant advantages of the services provided by SEO companies and experts:


Know your audience

Bulls-eye! SEO experts are aptly named because they know search engines, inside and out. They know how to wield their power and make it work to your business’s advantage. They don’t just understand keyword use. They spend hours each day mastering keyword relevance, and that’s something you just don’t have time to do. SEO companies and their experts get to know your target audience, and they know how to put the two … keywords and your business … together in a way that optimizes visitors to your website. Sure, you want clicks, but if your site is busy getting clicks from people who are too far outside your target audience, you could get a million clicks a day and still not be successful. The fact is that you need targeted traffic to your site, and that’s where SEO and SEO experts come in.



As a business owner, it’s vital that you maximize your return on investments. Statistically, for every 1,000 clicks you get from an advertisement you’ve bought, you’ll get a max of 2 percent of those visitors making a purchase. Now, measure that against the proven 4 percent conversion to sales you get from SEO, and you’ve doubled your sales with just one adjustment to your digital marketing strategy. Because SEO companies and SEO experts are immersed in search engine optimization, its tools, its possibilities, and its outcomes day in and day out, they have become skilled at continuously revamping your website and its content in order to keep your business at the top of the search engines.


Search engine standing

Search engines are constantly going through algorithm changes. That means your business and your website need constant attention to overcome those changes in order to keep your site progressive. It’s not enough to just put a website together, get some good content up, and hope for the best. When you purchase an ad, it just sits there, waiting for someone to click on it. In addition, you have to keep constant watch on those ads, hoping they’ll be successful. And if they aren’t, you need to pitch them and find new ones, hoping the new ones will help to drive traffic to your website. SEO experts continuously edit and adapt your website to make sure it never gets lost in algorithm transitions. Your website will not only gain visibility in the beginning. It will be constantly formed, molded, and reworked to ensure that it holds its good standing in search engines, driving more visitors to it than ever.


Competitive edge

There are a ton of businesses out there that are using SEO companies and SEO experts to drive potential customers to their websites. Of course, there are a ton of them who still aren’t, too. So who’s getting to the top of the search engines? Undoubtedly, the ones who are using SEO. It’s quite possibly the reason your website isn’t getting the traffic it needs or deserves. If you’ve been wondering why your competitors are getting an edge on you, it’s likely because they’ve become SEO savvy. But what does it mean to be SEO savvy? The good news for you, as a business owner, is that it doesn’t mean you have to learn all those intricate aspects and details about search engine optimization. That’s the job of an SEO expert who knows how to create the right web marketing campaign for your specific business. An expert in the field of search engine optimization knows the right questions to ask, the right approach to take, and the right keywords your site needs, and can devise just the right blueprint to minimize insignificant clicks on your website and maximize targeted traffic.


Marketing your business in today’s world of Internet searches and online purchases takes powerful online customer engagement. Of course, without the proper search engine optimization tools and know-how, it won’t matter how brilliant or captivating your website is, because no one will be visiting it, and that means you can kiss all those potential customers goodbye. The simple fact is that no other digital marketing trend can come close to driving as much traffic to your website as SEO, when it comes to weighing benefits with outlay. And that’s what SEO companies do. They stimulate as many potential customers as possible to your business’s website. You might say that SEO experts are driven to driving traffic to your website. Without SEO as one of your top digital marketing strategies, your business will get lost in the search engine shuffle.


How to Market to Millennials


Smart businesses stay up on the latest marketing trends and by now are well aware that this Millennial generation is not only the largest group to market to, but they are now heavily involved in the economy and have money to spend. Businesses which fail to market to Millennials are missing out on a huge opportunity. But beyond being the largest group size wise there are other characteristics which should be helping digital marketing professionals focus on this group specifically. This generation of post 1980 babies are very savvy and are used to informing and entertaining themselves with the click of a button. They want what they want and they want it now! This generation is very intelligent and remain tightly connected with parents and family which means they influence many other purchases while making their own. Millennials form obvious buying habits and brand loyalties. The business who can effectively market to them will have loyal customers forever. Here are some marketing tips that can be used to reach Millennials. (more…)

Facebook Fan Page Etiquette

Facebook Fan Page Etiquette


The social media world can be a very exciting place, and it can be way too easy to get carried away. While it’s not all that bad to be excited about what you do as digital marketing professionals, you can inadvertently make a lot of costly mistakes along the way. Obviously by developing a Facebook fan page the idea is to grow a larger fan base and increase the reach of our company or brand. The idea is to share our content, or material by posting it on our page, fans or followers like it and repost it which makes our material visible to a much larger crowd. There are certain rules of etiquette which are applicable to fan pages and if they are not followed you can find yourself banned from some pages and end up with broken relationships by mistake. There are some important rules of etiquette to be followed that can help keep you in good standing with Facebook and your fans. (more…)

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Texting Etiquette


Texting has become a major means of communicating in today’s fast paced world. It’s quite convenient to send someone a text when meeting up for a quick brunch or a cup of coffee. A text message might help a parent locate their teen after an event, or the teen may text their parent when they are ready to be picked up. Texting is a very simple and fast way to relay short and quick messages to each other without having to use up call time or stop what you are doing. But just like every viable form of communication, there are ways to practice proper etiquette when texting. Although in many cases, the “rules” of text etiquette are unspoken, these are good reminders of how to maintain good manners while sending a text to a friend or colleague. (more…)

Social Media Marketing Etiquette

Social Media Marketing Etiquette


There is no doubt that social media plays an important role in modern marketing strategies and plans. Social media marketing is definitely an essential element but if it is used inappropriately it can cause more damage than good for a marketing campaign. There are certain guidelines which should be adhered to whether they are spoken or just understood. It’s important for a business to maintain proper etiquette when engaging on the various social media platforms. Here are a few rules of etiquette to help marketers understand how to conduct yourself across social channels online. (more…)


How to Optimize a Blog


For many people who already have a blog there is a good understanding of the importance of blogging. Even a casual blogger may be aware of the basic SEO strategies which help the blog as a whole be found by the major search engines. But there are a lot of bloggers who fail to take advantage of a blog’s full potential by optimizing blog posts. Of course the first priority is going to continue to provide fresh content that is interesting to your audience but there are a few other ways to optimize each post in order to get more traffic from the search engines. Here are a few tips to help you optimize posts. (more…)

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