Local SEO In 2015

Local SEO in 2015


Local SEO In 2015When it comes to online marketing, you have a variety of options available to you. It doesn’t matter if you have a brick and mortar (physical store) or just an internet website, local traffic is a definite plus. But, how do you get local traffic? Are there certain things you can do to gain local traffic to your website or business? Previous, things like newspaper ads, radio and TV were a great way to get local customers to your business. But, these days with the Internet available, there are so many other options, and some of them don’t cost even a fraction that advertising in a newspaper or on TV does. If you are interested in local SEO tactics in 2015, here are a few you probably haven’t seen.

Local Pages

Building your profiles on Local pages such as Yahoo Local, Bing Local and Google+ are some of the most popular sites that offer business listings. They are also a superb way to get local visitors to your website and business. Make sure that you fill your profile out completely, and after doing so, make sure that you also verify the page. Each of these sites has a different way of doing verifications, but most do it through email so be sure to check your spam and junk too. Other popular business listing websites to check out are Foursquare, Yelp and YellowPages.com. Make sure that when possible, you post your business under the right category.

Optimized Website

If you want local traffic, one of the best places to start is right on your website. Optimizing your website to allow for Meta keywords, tags and titles can help you geo target your traffic i.e.; content marketing company in New Jersey. Make sure you take your time when optimizing your on-page elements. If you need help with website optimization, there are quite a few forums, articles and eBooks to teach you how to do this, what’s important and even how to choose keywords for your website.

Social Media

Yes, we all know about social media, but did you know that there are sites you should join and shouldn’t join depending on the business you have? The reason for this is your audience. If you are a person that sells coffee, you might be better off on Facebook or Twitter. On the other hand, if you hand draw paintings, create digital masterpieces or you are a visual designer, Pinterest might be a good option for you because it gives you a chance to create boards and share your work visually. It reels people in and more importantly, if people like your content enough, they will like it, comment on it and essentially repin it to really help you market your content.


Blogging is a superb way to reach new people especially when you optimize the content with your keywords. It’s also a great thing to have on your website so when new people or returning people visit your website, they can see that you are up to date on your blogs and they have something A) new to read and B) something to keep bringing them back. Local keywords on your content, should be the same or about the same as the keywords you tag your post with, use in your Meta data on your website and the keywords and content should be relevant to whatever it is you’re selling.

Test and Change When Necessary

One of the biggest things that people don’t realize about websites, content, social profiles, etc. is that sometimes they don’t have to be set in stone. If you came up with some really fantastic ways to create content, if you used local keywords, if you blog once a day and really post to help people and you still are not noticing a lot of visits or even questions about your services/products or sales, you CAN and SHOULD tweak what you have going on. Be sure to create a little note on something like WordPad where you note what was originally placed or written about or what keywords were used, and then as you test and tweak, write down what you tested and tweaked, what worked, what did not, etc. SEO is an ever changing thing, it never stays the same, so it’s important that you realize that and change it and tweak it when necessary.

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?


Content MarketingFunny enough, people don’t seem to really know what content marketing these days is. They know how to create it, get ideas to write it, etc. But, they have no idea what content marketing is or how to go about it. Essentially content marketing is a way to soft-sell people. It’s a way to approach people that will want to purchase your services or products, by creating content that is quality, meaningful and relevant. The biggest “trick” to your marketing efforts will be about disguising your content so that it doesn’t seem like you are trying to sell anyone. But rather, that they are getting more informed about a specific subject or category. There are a variety of content marketing posts. They can be blog posts, forum posts, press releases PPC, social media marketing and more. Ultimately, a good content piece can only live up to its fullest potential, if the content marketing strategy is a sturdy one. You can find the best writer, pay them a lot of money for an article, get it professionally edited, etc. But, if your marketing strategy is weak, who cares about how well written the content is? Maybe you will. But no one else is going to see it. If you need help on Content Marketing Ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few ideas, besides using it on your website, to create a sturdy and secure marketing strategy.

Hire an SEO Company

Marketing of any sort takes a lot of time and patience. Time and patience that you might not have. If you want a really great way to market your content and you don’t want to do it on your own or you just have NO idea how to go about this; do yourself a favor and hire someone. Yes, it will cost you money, but you have to consider what all that stress, worrying and research are worth. Would you rather deal with everything on your own or would you rather find an online marketing company to do it all for you? Personally, I would pick the second option, just knowing what the pace is and what is needed to market content, it’s much easier to ask for help than to go it alone!

Do Your Homework

If you would prefer on NOT hiring a marketing company and you want to do it yourself, you will need to ready-up. This isn’t just as easy as posting to your blog and sharing the link on your Facebook page. There is a lot more layers. Make sure you check out some eBooks, read some popular online forum posts, ask around, see if anyone has any reading material on their blogs, etc. You should also be checking out popular SEO blogs like Moz and Search Engine Watch, especially if you don’t know all the other things about content marketing, like SEO terms, what keywords are and why they are used in content, etc.

Just like in the days of article marketing, there are websites that will help with content marketing. A few things you should be aware of:
1- They are not fool proof. This is not a person marketing your content. It’s a machine. An auto robot if you will. Mistakes can and probably will happen.
2- Content Marketing sites are NOT free. Anyone that says they are is probably hiding something like a monthly fee.
3- Some of these sites will only let you post X amount of articles per day. After that you need to pay a subscription fee.

How To Promote Content

How To Promote Content


How To Promote ContentHopefully by now you know that there is a difference between content creation and content marketing! But, if you don’t, here is the quick explanation: Content creation is when you come up with ideas on what to write and you put your ideas on paper or on a word document. On the other hand, content marketing is taking that piece of created content and promoting it hence the term marketing in the term above. When it comes to content marketing, there are the usual options; sharing it to social media accounts, sharing it on your blog, and sharing it to your email list. But, these options are somewhat dated and if you are looking for even more exposure, three options might not be enough for what you desire. Below, you will find NEW ways in 2015 to market and promote your content as well as check up and see where this content has spread. (more…)

Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality?


Net NeutralityRecently we all went through a whole fiasco of “Net Neutrality” as it’s called, and this issue as not over as it is bound to be argued again and again by companies who own the pipes where our information travels and who want to make more profit. This is a newer term so to speak, but it’s nothing new really; bigger companies trying to make more money off a service that should be offered to everyone for the same price. Wikipedia explains it best when they say “the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication. The term was coined by Columbia University media law professor Tim Wu in 2003 as an extension of the longstanding concept of a common carrier.” If you have a contract with someone like Armstrong Cable or Comcast, you may have been subjected to this unfair practice. Say you have a contract with them for your home. It includes whatever products in the price of the contract (phone, internet, TV, etc.). Say this company offers $100 a month for 300 GB of internet usage @ 16mbps. But they also offer a $200 package at 300 GB of Internet Usage and 32mbps. This is an example of what Net neutrality is. It’s no longer being allowed, but some companies are still somehow someway doing it anyway. Here is a little more of an in-depth look at Net neutrality, what it is exactly and legal issues regarding the topic at hand.

Net Neutrality Supporters

People that support net neutrality, tend to not be ISP businesses. Instead, they tend to be consumers like you or me. The supporters of net neutrality want one thing and one thing only: The same service for the same price for everyone. You can guess why ISPs and other businesses that make money off of those ISP companies are not happy about this. Companies like Verizon and Armstrong are still getting away with doing things like charging certain people more or throttling or limiting the speed of the internet unfortunately. One of the biggest reasons for this and the reason why the FCC couldn’t stop them from doing it was that broadband companies are classified as information services (companies like Verizon). If you are considered a broadband company you can essentially use your ISP business and the speeds, however you want. However, if you are a common carrier, and you are charging some people more money for higher speeds, you can get into trouble with the FCC and will need to regulate your business. Personally, I like Verizon is a bunch of BS. Someone needs to do something about companies like this because it’s really unfair to charge someone one price for faster speeds and someone else a lower price for lower speeds. I think it all SHOULD be the same price and the same speeds. And yes, I am a net neutrality supporter! As are most people.

Paid Prioritization

When a company classifies itself as a common carrier, it essentially allows the FCC to ban something called paid prioritization. This happens when a company that offers ISP such as Armstrong or Comcast, charges third party businesses for faster access to its ISP customers. For example, let’s say that you visit YouTube and Twitter. YouTube pays that ISP for faster connections i.e.; prioritization to its traffic. On the other hand, Twitter does not. The conclusion would be that you would get faster access to YouTube and slower speeds to twitter. It also means that YouTube videos would load faster and pages would open quicker. It means that Twitter would take longer to open, search, surf, etc. Does something like this really exist?

It sure does!

Companies like Hulu and Netflix have already signed contracts with Comcast and Verizon which allow Comcast and Verizon to speed the internet up when it comes to streaming videos.

Pretty much all of the ISP providers in the USA do NOT like Net Neutrality and do not want it to happen. Why would they? It means more money in their pockets and more people to flock to their company and sign a deal with them. While Net Neutrality is not a “thing” yet, President Obama has commented on a petition on WhiteHouse.gov for people that want to ban this type of action. Obama has also urged the FCCs chairman to implement net neutrality by re-classifying ALL ISP providers as common carriers. Remember what we spoke about earlier; an ISP company that is considered a common carrier cannot charge one person more for higher speeds and one person less for lower speeds. Unfortunately, even though Obama is the president, he doesn’t exactly have the authority to change how the FCC is run, or lack thereof, so it might be awhile before we actually see any of this changing.

Free Speech on the Internet

Free Speech on The Internet


Free Speech on the InternetWith this day and age, technology is above and beyond (I think) what anyone ever thought it would be. There are so many different websites, forums, content pieces, etc. A lot of people are also starting to realize that with a world of technology available, more and more people getting on these sites like Facebook, Huffington Post and privately owned domains and speaking however they want – good thing or bad? In one instance, it’s good. It’s a sense of community, getting to know people from all across the world, and sharing ideas. But, on the other hand it’s bad because it essentially gives people a way to hide behind a computer screen and think they can say whatever they want and get away with it. This creates a lot of bullying and abuse – all sorts of abuse, emotion, sexual, verbal, mental, etc. Essentially when it comes to freedom of speech our understanding of the term has been distorted in a big way. The reason for this is because people who attack someone or are nasty to someone on something like a forum, scream free speech from the rooftops, but they aren’t using it correctly or using their civic right correctly. In fact, most of the people going on and on about free speech and the freedom of speech act are doing it incorrectly, and only doing it because they want to use the term as a shield to hide behind. (more…)

Advanced on Page SEO

Advanced on Page SEO


Advanced on Page SEOUnlike humans who can read content on our pages, search engines can’t do this.  So instead, we have to leave clues and incorporate a foundation onto our pages so that the search engines know what our website is about and what relevant keywords we are using.  This is why search engine optimization and on-site SEO is so important.  Without SEO, you may never have a search engine visit your page, index it, check up on the keywords you are using in your Meta data, etc.  Search engines, essentially help you get noticed more on the search engines so without them, well, you get less visitors plain and simple.  In order to send out social signals to search engines, you must first figure out what on site SEO techniques to use.  As you will read below you will begin to understand some of the best ways to incorporate on site SEO on to your website in a more advanced way.  If you aren’t doing these advanced SEO practices, I challenge you to start and see what results you end up with – they will most likely be more positive results than what you are seeing now! (more…)

SEO Tactics to Avoid

SEO Tactics to Avoid


SEO Tactics to AvoidSEO is one of those games that changes and changes often.  What used to be considered good or positive, is no longer good or positive, instead its frowned upon.  Today, we will be looking at On-site SEO tactics you should be avoiding as well as link building strategies to avoid, especially if you want your website to be graced by Google.  First, let’s go over on-site SEO: (more…)

youtube video Traffic

How to Get Traffic to a YouTube Video


youtube video TrafficIt should be no surprise that YouTube, like Facebook and Twitter is a great place to get some free traffic along the way.  But, there is one HUGE problem:  You have a lot of competition on YouTube.  In fact, YouTube itself has stated that YouTube users upload around 100 hours of video per minute, every single minute.  Wow.  Not only is that a lot of videos, but a lot of competition in the way of your own videos.  If you want people to watch your videos instead of the hundreds of thousands of other videos being uploaded by your competitors, you will have to act and think differently than them.  Chances are most of your competitors that are uploading videos on YouTube do it in a lazy fashion, they probably don’t even bother with SEO, but if you do it could mean you could gain a significant amount more of traffic to your videos than they ever could hope for.  If you want to know more about YouTube SEO or video SEO in general, keeping reading! (more…)

Attractive Website

How to Make a Website More Attractive


Attractive Website

Having a website is about more than just adding in the right keywords to your Meta data and creating content.  No, it’s also about creating an attractive website to not only your visitors, but to the search engines as well.  Believe it or not, an ugly website can actually turn people away.  I’ve done it myself.  You visit a website with blindingly bright colors or really nasty ad color templates.  You’d be surprised at just how many people judge you, your business and your website from the colors you choose!  In all honesty, even though your mom always said to never judge a book by its cover, that cliché line is complete bupkis when it comes to the internet and your website!  Your website IS going to be judged and first impressions do count so it’s important that you think about certain things when creating a website.  Here are a few: (more…)

Get Traffic without Google

How to Get Traffic without Google


Get Traffic without GoogleWhen it comes to your website and ranking, Google is King.  While some people don’t want to admit it, others will tell you that they absolutely go into panic mode every time Google changes its algorithm and they have to scurry to figure out how to make the monster happy.  This is stressful and while you might want to keep up with Google, there are other ways to get traffic believe it or not and they do not involve any of the big names in search engines.  Actually, to be honest, there are ways to keep traffic coming in and yet not using ANY search engine giant (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask).  If you want to stay independent from Google or you want to find more free-thinking independent ways to get traffic to your website, continue reading for a few small tips on how to do just that. (more…)

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