Types of Content Marketing Platforms


Digital marketing professionals have a variety of social media platforms to choose from; and no, they are not all created equal. There are a variety of platforms which support different media types. When you are looking for appropriate social media site to use for your business, one criteria that is important is the type of media you will be using to reach your audience. The only things that the sites have in common is that they are social. What you are going to put up on the sites will vary. Today digital marketing best practices dictates that we look past the most commonly used social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest to build a social strategy that allows for a variety of ways to share information with a target audience. There are basically five types of social networks, or social media sites. These different social sites use various types of content to reach an audience.

Written, Textual or Visual Content

One type of social site supports various types of written or visual content. This includes sites like blogger, WordPress or Slideshare. These display written or pictorial content that is engaging, builds awareness or establishes a person as an authority in their industry.

Live Audio Media

There are several sites which offer live sharing like Livestream, Blog Talk Radio or UStream. These are set up in such a way that you can broadcast live to your audience. Listeners on Blog Talk Radio have the option of calling in during a live broadcast to speak with the host if they would like. These are similar to radio or television broadcasts and they are live. Usually, after the shows are completed live, they are archived and made available to view on site as well.

Video Sharing

YouTube used to be the lone ranger when it came to sharing videos with an audience. But today there are Vine and even Instagram Video that are making waves in the video sharing arena. The content on these types of social sites is only video. They can be any style or genre of video from home videos to animated videos or even multi-million dollar commercials. There is a strong move by digital marketing professionals to make short, effective videos.

Image or Photo Sharing

There’s an old saying which says that a picture is worth a thousand words. This may be nearer to the truth in today’s online social atmosphere. Images are on the rise on social sites, but even more so on sites which are designed solely for images. Think Pinterest or Instagram, all of the content on these networks are photos. They do not have to be solely personal photos, but they are all images which are displayed on sites devoted to sharing photos with the rest of the world. In a recent study, researchers found that nearly 50% of those who respond are more likely to engage with a brand that posts photos rather than other media forms.

Micro-Blogging Sites

Twitter is actually a micro-blogging platform. A micro-blog basically allows users to exchange very short, or small posts. These are nowhere near the length of a typical blog. Sites like Twitter or Typepad allow status updates and sayings that stay within a very limited character limit. These sites do not promote lengthy debates or discussions. They are made to make a statement and then move on. Although these are relatively small they offer a great way to connect and interact with your audience. They are also valuable for informing your audience what is going on with your brand.

Choosing the Right Social Platform

Understanding the layout of the social media world is a great way to get started in social media marketing. But it can be difficult to determine exactly which platforms are the best to use. The first step in choosing a social platform is deciding the type of media you are going to use for communication efforts. Some of this relies heavily on the target audience itself and the types of platforms they use.  In order to get a good return, begin to research some of the smaller platforms. Find the platforms that are frequented by your specific targeted audience and adapt to a selected number of manageable sites. This will help reaching your audience be a lot simpler and easier.


Top Content Marketing Platforms


One of the most powerful branding tools for digital marketing professionals is content marketing. The key to successful conversion is using the business’ core message to build on and then communicating with the target audience and then cultivating momentum enough to reach past your primary audience to a secondary audience. Ultimately you want to generate shareable content as part of your marketing strategy so that it engages readers and offers them value. It is very important to use a content marketing platform which is going to help you define your particular brand and give it a unique point of view. There are literally hundreds of these types of platforms to choose from; but some of them rise to the top in the content marketer’s tool box. (more…)

Content Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy


Content marketing may sound simple in premise, but in reality it can be very challenging.  Creating content can be a time consuming task and it can be frustrating to post what you believe to be a great post only to have it generate small amounts of traffic or get no interaction from the audience. But it still remains true that content marketing is a viable part of an SEO strategy. Digital marketing professionals work to develop strategies which ensure success. There are several steps that you can use to develop a sort of blueprint for content marketing. (more…)

Common Mistakes

The Most Common Mistakes in Content Marketing


Every single day across the web people share nearly 30,000,000 pieces of content. The sad part is that between 60 and 70 percent is never widely seen. The main reason that so many pieces go unnoticed is that the creator or publisher makes content marketing mistakes. Very few content marketers can hit a home run each time they publish content. But many times a post, article, video or other piece of content does not reach its intended goals because of very common mistakes. The biggest mistake is creating content without having a marketing strategy in place. Once you have that in place, it is also important to avoid these common errors. (more…)

Niche Marketing Strategies

Niche Marketing

There is no doubt that the marketing world is a competitive field. An effective way to differentiate a company or business presence from the rest of the industry is to build a niche market and reach a specific audience. By only focusing on a small, but healthy segment of the market it is easier to become a leader in the niche. Developing a niche market has become a very popular marketing strategy of late but there are still a lot of businesses that are unaware about precisely how to connect with the audience. In order to effectively be able to establish a business in a niche it is important to engage with the audience through the proper use of content that interests the audience in a way that will showcase the proper expertise in the industry. Here are a few strategies to develop or improve a niche marketing strategy. (more…)

How does Google Work?

Google logo

Google logo

Trying to figure out just how Google works has been a running question for several years now and unless you are an SEO expert with inside information how Google search really works can be a huge mystery. What type of process does Google use when deciding how to rank pages in SERPs? This is a very reasonable question but the answer is not a real easy one. The Google search algorithm can seem like a huge ugly beast especially when you consider that there are over 200 factors that contribute to the ranking of a site. Here are the basic steps Google takes when ranking search results. (more…)

Types of Online Content

Content is king


Many times businesses who do not employ a marketing professionals fail to look past a blog to consider other forms of content marketing strategies. Textual content is no doubt powerful but it is not the only type of content that should be considered when looking at marketing strategies. Even a blog is a versatile option as it can play host to a variety of content such as videos, audio files, and images. Most people are very much aware of how important it is to generate fresh content in order to have a successful marketing campaign and there is some argument as to exactly how many different forms of content that is available, some say as many as 14 unique types of content that can be used. It’s important to determine which types of content are going to be effective and profitable for each business and then use those which are most beneficial. Here are a few of the types of content that are not at the top of the list, but are certainly worth considering. (more…)

SEO for YouTube



YouTube has grown to be the world’s second largest search engine. The site gets over 30 million unique visitors in one day. Videos are not that difficult to create with today’s wave of technology and it only takes a few seconds to have them up and running on the site. There are some specific ways that YouTube can be optimized for SEO. Businesses are quickly finding out that they can use YouTube to increase their visibility and their rankings with YouTube. Here are a few ways to make the most of it.

Content, Content, Content!

One of the primary ways that YouTube is beneficial is that it offers a platform to which fresh, new content can be added on a consistent and regular basis. The trick is to create videos that are interesting, solve a particular problem, answer a specific question, entertains, creates emotions or educates the audience. Discovering the type of topics consumers might be interested in relies on solid keyword research. You may also want to check out competitors to see what they are doing with videos to engage with their own communities. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating videos: (more…)

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO

Negative SEO

Even though many do not understand it, negative SEO is a real threat. In its widest definition, negative SEO is any malicious action a person takes in order to harm another site’s ranking. If we think about it terms of the Penguin update, it typically means that someone has launched some sort of effort that is an attempt to make another’s link profile look really bad. In most cases, what this means is that a site has received numerous low-quality links or links from a huge number of domains that are typically not even relevant. These link based attacks on a site can be rather tricky and in a lot of cases they are very difficult to deal with. (more…)

SEO for Twitter



In the quest for visibility, Twitter can be a very effective tool. It can be easy to think about how short a tweet is when compared to other forms of online content; but think about how far a simple tweet can reach. Digital marketing specialists are intent on capitalizing on how far one can reach when it comes to SEO best practices. Twitter is one of the “big three” when it comes to social networks and their popularity. It’s a very active site and it is important to know how SEO works for Twitter. Here are a few points that can be very helpful for optimizing Twitter.

Choose a Creative and Effective Name

Your username is how you are going to be identified on Twitter so choosing it is a very important step. A username has to be simple enough for Tweeters to be able to recall and it should be associated with you or your business. It is a good idea for it to be as close as possible to the name of a primary website or a person’s actual name. By choosing these types of terms for a Twitter username you’ll facilitate indexing by search engines and give followers an easy way to remember your information. Embedding keywords in a Twitter username can be an effective SEO tool. (more…)

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