Legal Online Marketing

Digital Marketing

Nearly everyone these days uses a search engine when looking for legal advice. Since nearly three quarters of potential clients visit a firm’s website when they are ready to take action, even the most trusted law firms need to have a strong online presence.

At NetLZ, we recognize how important a solid web strategy is to your law firm’s marketing efforts. As a result, we tailor our business to help law firms design, optimize, and market their services.

Our legal marketing services include everything from web design and development to organic SEO, content marketing and paid search marketing.

Web Design

Since the legal profession has specific requirements for online promotion, we design your site with these in mind. We start by looking at your practice areas and your specialties within those areas to design a site that not only appeals to you but, more importantly, to your potential clients.

Furthermore, we optimize your site for all devices. As a result, it will be functional and responsive regardless of whether your clients search on mobile or desktop.

SEO and Local Search

Since search engine optimization is still the best way to build brand awareness, we develop a long-term plan that will enable your firm to continue to expand its digital footprint over time. Through organic search, not only can clients find you, but they can also find out about the specific expertise your law firm offers. At NetLZ, we optimize your site for the appropriate legal terms. We also adjust our keyword strategy to where your users are in the customer journey, so that your firm will be found by the right client at the right time.

Since nearly half of all Google searches are local nowadays, we also use location-targeted marketing to make sure that people in your vicinity will find you when they type or ask Alexa to find law firms “near me.”

Paid Ads

We also realize how powerful paid ads can be for a law firm’s overall marketing efforts. Consequently, we maximize your ROI by conducting pay-per-click campaigns that generate consistent demand for your legal services. Our PPC strategy ensures that your customers will find you when they need someone with your legal expertise.

Content and Social Media Marketing

In addition to our SEO and PPC efforts, we employ content marketing to establish your firm as a leading authority. Through blog posts and long-form articles, we build and reinforce your firm’s reputation.

NetLZ Consulting supports the legal profession with the latest rules regarding legal advertising within New Jersey and adjoining states. We know how important it is for lawyers to adhere to their state bar’s rules of ethics and professional conduct and to avoid any language that might constitute an ethics rules violation. For this reason, all of our legal content follows the current guidelines with respect to website advertising and marketing for law firms and lawyers.

Popular social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are also helpful for professional networking and raising brand awareness. NetLZ will make sure that your Facebook and your LinkedIn pages make a great first impression upon other legal professionals and clients.

Our ability to design, develop, and market specifically to the needs of your law firm and its practice areas makes NetLZ the ideal choice for any legal professional looking to raise their online presence and bring in new business.