Online Marketing

Online Marketing

In just the last year companies have begun to realize how important it is to develop responsive websites which can detect the type of screen as well as device they are being viewed on. This allows them to change according to the user’s device. The benefit for most is that it allows mobile users more access to sites as they are fitted to the small screens on Smartphones and tablets. This leads the way to several of the mobile marketing trends that are occurring right now. All of the trends involve consumers having the ability to complete purchases from mobile devices.

The Android iOS Challenge

It’s no secret that there is a huge war between iOS and Android over market domination. A few reports have indicated that it is likely for Android to have the upper edge. This news comes as the latest reports state that Android is comfortably sitting at 58 percent to 33 percent for Apple. Most experts feel that Android will increase their control of the mobile operating system market in the coming months. Other challengers are still in the race though. For instance, Blackberry just launched their Blackberry 10 OS and there are several other Smartphone operating systems coming from Firefox, Tizen, Ubuntu, and Sailfish; all of which are open source which could initiate the development of more innovative mobile apps from around the globe.

E-Commerce and Innovative Marketing on Mobile Devices

The latest innovations in marketing are the development and creation of apps that allow purchases to be made directly from a mobile device. These types of apps offer consumers a lot more than just information about products or brands. In order to increase revenue, Facebook and Google are already using ads that are mobile friendly. GPS transmitters are included on most Smartphones which helps consumers find local businesses more easily. There are a few mobile marketers who are offering incentives by way of Smartphones when consumers check in at their store.

The latest revolutionary technology in mobile marketing is the “near-field communication”(NFC). This allows a mobile user to transfer information to a card reader from their mobile device. Customers will be able to use it to pay from their mobile phones with ease. The NFC is expected to be one of the most widely used mobile payment method by 2015. Mobile marketers are expected to use NFC to offer coupons, discounts, promotions and many other uses.

Point-of-Sale on Mobile Devices

Consumers already know how to use mobile devices to compare prices or research products; it just makes sense to use them to make purchases as well. Mobile is likely to become POS even for brick-and-mortar stores. This is going to greatly improve consumers’ shopping experiences in store. Major retailers are already setting up to offer mobile POS so that consumers will be able to find what they are looking for, make cashless purchases or simply discover more information about a product. One of the newest apps has been PayPal’s. Consumers are already growing accustomed to paying for items via Paypal from their mobile devices and Smartphones.

Mobile Experience to Become More Like PC

Companies are hurrying to ensure that their websites, apps, landing pages and other online marketing attempts are more responsive. This is for good reason as geotargeting; intelligent assistance (like Siri) and social media integration are offering much the same user experiences as a home computer. The latest trends are likely to help create mobile experiences that more closely resemble that of the PC.

Further Development of Augmented Reality

One of the most exciting trends in mobile technology is augmented reality (AR). Marketers are creating AR apps which allow customers to aim the camera on their mobile devices at a product to obtain relevant information such as discounts or reviews.