Search Rank


It is probably a safe assumption that a company did not launch a website solely to rank number one in Google. It can be very easy to get caught up in tracking the results of search engine optimization and forget to consider other site analytics. For instance, it’s good to know how many site visitors enter the site; but it is equally as important to know what they do once they arrive on site. How effective is your social media campaign? It’s not enough to just have one – what is it doing? This consideration must include how it is functioning in terms of driving traffic to the site as well as generated revenue. This type of information can help a business shape a better user experience which in turn will increase site traffic.

Ranking Does Not Always Equal Traffic

No one doubts the importance of ranking high in the SERPs. However, just because a site ranks is not a promise that there will be increased traffic. Think about it this way, it would be really easy to rank in the top three spots for something like “ocean front property in Colorado” because there is no competition for that space. But there will also be no traffic whatsoever since the idea does not even exist. Ranking for “ocean front property in California” on the other hand is going to be a little more difficult but even from a fourth or fifth place rank the site is much more likely to receive traffic since it is a believable concept. Ranking alone will not always generate traffic, there is much more to the equation than just ranking.

Is the Number One Slot the Only Goal?

Just because a site ranks higher in the SERPs does not mean that it is a more relevant site, or that the traffic that is generated will find it useful. Think about how many times you have clicked on a top ranking site only to find out it was not really that relevant to your initial search. It’s important to have a clear set of goals in mind. While increasing the number of visitors to the site is one of the important goals of an SEO campaign, it is also important to think about why you want the traffic in the first place. What do you desire from site visitors? Do you want them to place an order for a product or service? Or do you want them to sign up to receive your blog? While striving to increase traffic is essential, it is just as important to consider conversions. In order for all your keywords to meet these types of goals, the site does not have to be in the number one spot in the SERPs. There are many other strategies that can be incorporated into the SEO campaign that can bring in traffic. Social media marketing and guest posting are just a couple of very effective traffic building tools. This will require monitoring of analytics. It is essential to see how SEO tactics are performing at driving traffic, but it is equally as important to find out what they are doing once they get on the site.

First Page SERPs and Traffic

No one who has a decent understanding of SERPs and the SEO strategies it takes to rank there is going to argue that it is important to land on the first page. Statistics show that sites which rank past the first page of the results are virtually invisible. Some research has indicated that the top three positions take in nearly 60 percent of the clicks from users. And most of the time the first 5 ranked sites will receive all of the clicks with the exception of a small percentage which clicks on the tenth ranked spot. No one is for sure why this occurs but speculation is that it is because the eyes naturally go to the last listing on the page. While it is important to land on the first page of the results, that click through is the most important element. The meta data can play a huge role in obtaining click throughs by consumers. It can contain all the keywords from the phrase used by the user to conduct the search. The site description should be accurate enough so that the user will not want to return to the SERP from your site. A well optimized title, URL, and meta description which are all keyword rich can help boost click through rates even if the site is not ranked in the number one slot.