Penguin Update

Penguin 2.0 and Google

Everybody has been holding their breath in anticipation for the latest Penguin update from Google. Matt Cutts announced a short time ago that the next Penguin update was to be released and Penguin 2.0 rolled out just a short time ago. The main goal for this update was spam just like the last update was geared to address issues with link building. The goal of the original Penguin update was to help weed out sites that were trying to manipulate search engine results by using excessive on and off page strategies like link building. This latest Penguin update pretty much had even the most honest SEO specialist squirming. Even those who use only white hat, legitimate SEO strategies can be hit inadvertently by an update to the Google search algorithm. Some webmasters felt little or no impact form the update while others had to watch their rankings plummet. With each change that Google makes there is a gamble being taken with a site’s rankings. And to be honest, if a website gets swept under the rug even for all the wrong reasons, Google does not really care. There are some actions which can be taken to protect yourself and your sites from future updates.

Optimize With the Future in Mind

Search engine optimization is not about getting traffic from numerous individuals who will visit the site one time and never come back. While this traffic can be good and look good on paper, the SEO specialist is after the repeat visits. Google looks favorably on repeat visits as well. How can a site be optimized to ensure repeat search visits? Even the small business who wants to expand their reach through the use of SEO best strategies can benefit from several different actions. One thing that a site can do is to become a resource for users. Most of the time when a user reads a news story once they are not likely to come back to the site to read it again. However, if they find that the site is a useful resource and content is kept fresh and useful, they will return over and over again. Becoming a resource of information is very similar to developing your own niche. By becoming an expert in your own field you can build a niche and develop relevant content that will keep visitors connected with the site in order to obtain useful information.

Focus on Branding

When there are repeat visits from a search engine, it is a positive sign of solid branding. But, what is even better is when searches are conducted for your brand specifically. Branded searches can also have other benefits because the searcher is likely to be repeated in the future since they will end up developing a relationship through online interaction with the site. Effective branding will help prevent irrelevant links and penalties from Google updates. Branded searching can be highly beneficial and offer a level of protection from penalties. Offline advertising can be used to encourage people to search for your brand on Google and viral marketing campaigns can be beneficial. Just make sure that your brand is associated with the event. It is also possible to create online events that carry your brand name as it can help generate branded searches; users are likely to use your name to search for details of the event.

Focus on Building Natural Links

Google can use various parameters to help identify sites and links as spam. In order to prevent getting caught by an update refrain from building links which come from sites which were created just for SEO purposes or those which overly optimize the anchor text. Also avoid linking with sites which are not relevant to your genre. If you have been guilty of building these types of links, remove them if possible, or disavow them. Work on building natural links with reputable sites. By building links with reputable and relevant sites you may avoid any future penalties. A single high quality and relevant backlink that comes from a reputable industry site is worth a lot more than hundreds of links that are of low value or are spam.