Facebook advertising

Photo of Facebook Ads

Last year when Facebook became a publically traded company the big concern became how to make money for stockholders. For Facebook that meant they had to come up with some innovative ways to raise revenue basically from advertising. During 2012 the social media giant rolled out more than a dozen initiatives which diversified ways that they could make money from Facebook users. There are three basic types of Facebook ads available to web marketing professionals: marketplace ads, premium ads and Facebook retargeting. Each has specific advantages and ways that they can be used so that they are the most effective as a strategic part of a web marketing campaign.

Why Choose Facebook Ads?

Using Facebook ads can be a great web marketing tool and they can be useful in many ways. Facebook ads can help increase a brand’s exposure, increase engagement and it can help drive more traffic to a Facebook business page or other external website. They can be useful for promoting online or offline events, advertising for a local business, or to sell a product, service, or program through an external site. For the SEO minded specialists, they can be a useful tool for lead generation.

Facebook Marketplace Ads

Marketplace ads are the ones that are generally seen down the right sidebar when you are on Facebook. They are not “interactive” in the sense that there is not a “Like” or a “Share” button on them, but they can be precisely targeted to a particular audience. Advertisers can select their own image and headline as well as create their own copy. These are all very important factors which can determine how many Facebook users actually click on the ads. Marketplace ads are useful to take visitors to external websites, sign-up page or sales page. They can be used for branding campaigns and these can be targeted to a precise audience. Perhaps the negative of the marketplace ad is that it is a very small image on the right side of the screen and one factor that must be considered in web marketing is “banner blindness” in which users tend to block out anything that even remotely resembles an ad. As an audience gets used to seeing advertisements in one position all the time, they tend to block them out unless they are really creative and attractive enough to grab the user’s attention.

Facebook Premium Ads

Premium ads may also show up on the right side of the Facebook page but they may also be visible in the Facebook feed. The premium ads have the advantage of being available in different forms such as video ads or polls. The premium ads generally have a “Like” button. The specific ads are triggered by an action of a facebook user or a fan. They may like or share a page, install an app, comment or share a post, or join an event which triggers the sponsored stories. These typically have a little better conversion than the marketplace ads. They are easy to set up and the image is usually taken directly from the page or post that you want to advertise. The premium ads, or sponsored stories are good to use to promote a Facebook page, event or an app. It is a useful social media strategy as it can be shown to those who already have an interest in a product or service and once a fan likes or shares your page; their friends will see the page and have the opportunity to engage as well.

Facebook Retargeting Ads

The Facebook Exchange is still a relatively new form of advertising. It is comparable to retargeting but instead of just retargeting those who visit your website as a casual web surfer, they are retargeted as they go to their own Facebook page. When an internet user visits a site a cookie is placed on their browser and then when they return to Facebook targeted ads for those products will appear on their page. The main goal here is to capitalize on the user’s expressed interest in an item.