Social Media

Social Media Strategy

Every company has an even playing field when it comes to access to social media sites. The problem for some comes in determining how to use a social media campaign to effectively communicate. Most NJ businesses have increased the amount of social media strategies that have been incorporated into their marketing campaigns. There is no question about the importance of social media strategies as part of a web marketing campaign, but many do not understand the full impact that using these platforms can have on the customer-business relationship. The truth is that social media platforms can provide a beneficial connection between customers and organizations and therefore many businesses are taking greater initiative to develop deeper and more effective social media strategies. The question is no longer if social media should or should not be part of a marketing campaign, it has become how can we do it right?

Which Platform is the Right One?

There are many different social media platforms to choose from and the list continues to grow. Some of the most used platforms include Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. There is not just one right answer to which one is the right one for any particular business. Some have the misconception that they should engage in as many as possible to be profitable. Think about where your audience can be found and start there. One mistake many businesses make is to sign up for several social media sites and end up spreading themselves too thin. This can end up with none of the sites being effective. It is better to start with just one of the social media sites that you feel will give you the opportunity to connect with your target audience and develop from there gradually developing more sites. Just remember to not spread yourself so thin that the sites are too much to be properly maintained.

Find the Right People to Connect With

A social media marketing campaign will not be effective if you do not have a plan. It will not be successful if you just blindly choose a social media channel and throw stuff at the audience hoping that it will reach someone who is interested. It is very important to determine who your intended audience is and then reach out to them on social media channels that are available on the Web 2.0 platform. For instance, if you are using a Twitter account to connect with customers, it is much more important to have quality, engaged followers than a huge number of followers, especially if you are looking for a solid ROI. Use some of the search tools available to determine those who are following your business online. Be sure to notify your email followers of any social media sites that you set up this will allow your loyal followers to be actively involved in the process.

Be Actively Involved

It is not enough to just set up social media accounts; they will not operate themselves nor can they engage with your audience for you. It is not always easy to be engaged with your audience and it is certainly something that has to develop over time. Start with quality content in whatever form is used on the site.  Then you can use the web tools available on the site to amplify it. Setting up an account is the easy part – but the whole point is to have a Web 2.0 platform through which you can interact and engage with your audience. It means you will have to visit and revisit the site in order to offer and receive feedback with your audience. Building a long term relationship with your audience will be well worth it in the long run.