Online Branding


No matter how large or small a business is today, it is essential to have an online presence and to build a brand identity or an awareness of their brand online. Even though small businesses are generally locally owned and operated, they need to have a web based presence with a strong brand. No matter what type of industry or how large of an industry we are talking about, there is a global competition that must be dealt with. In order to be able to compete adequately, branding is essential. This will mean that they will build their brand and create that lasting impression on a targeted online community or audience. That all sounds pretty simple, but it can be a great challenge. The trick is in the transition from traditional branding to online branding. For those who use only traditional branding techniques, it will mean failure in most instances. That does not mean that traditional branding methods do not work at all, but they are not adequate enough to keep up with the online business world.

What is Traditional Branding?

Traditional branding is all done offline. It may incorporate the use of various media outlets such as television ads, billboards, direct mail or other local ad sources. It is very impersonal, especially when compared to the latest options made available by the Web 2.0. Traditional branding is very limited. It does attempt to put the company logo out in prime spots where it will be seen by the most eyes and will have the biggest impact.

What is Online Branding?

Modern branding has entered the Web 2.0 world and is much more personal as well as social. The web becomes the market and it is important to disperse the brand, or logo as far as it can reach. This can incorporate many types of online strategies such as social media strategies, blogging, PPC campaigns and a whole electronic world of other options that are created to be more social. The branding campaign that is successful will end up getting the company logo or image into the hands of online users who will spread the brand across the web. That is the ideal situation. This will work for the smaller, local business as well. A branding campaign can be launched for selling tanning products, beauty aids or local contracting.

Can We Balance the Two?

The key for any business would be to be able to balance both the traditional methods with online branding strategies. However, it is important to put the emphasis with online branding. Even a local business will have a website that can create an avenue through which the community can interact with the business. Online branding, or marketing, can be less expensive than traditional marketing but has the potential of reaching a much broader, but more targeted audience. Through the use of online campaigns a local business can increase contacts and profits as well.

One advantage of using both traditional and online branding strategies is that it allows the smaller, local business the opportunity to compete with larger entities. A rural shop did not have to worry about competing with larger businesses until recently. The bigger store could perhaps compete on the level of convenience for their clientele. But with online ordering becoming simpler it means that the internet leveled the playing field by making one just as convenient as the other. An individual can order almost any product at the best possible price and have it delivered right to their door. This will take effective online branding and web marketing campaigns. But it allows smaller businesses more opportunities for success.