Right Choice Maintenance & Cleaning

Right Choice Maintenance & Cleaning

Right Choice Maintenance & Cleaning is one of the premiere companies offering professional and residential carpet cleaning in NJ. The company offers three promises to their clientele: professionalism, high quality work and competitive pricing.  Right Choice is a reputable business which not only stands behind their high quality work, but assures clients that they will be respectful of their time by showing up when they say they will and fully respecting the client’s needs. Their employees are highly trained to offer the best quality work on the homes they service. Each of their employees are trained on the state-of-the-art equipment used to complete cleaning services. The cleaning company was awarded the ISO 9002 Standard which has some of the most stringent specifications around the globe. They also offer their exceptional cleaning services at prices that are reasonable and competitive.

Carpets and Rugs

Right Choice technicians are highly trained on how to effectively clean all types of rugs and carpets. Their methods include inspecting the carpet or rug to determine which technique will be most effective at cleaning the floor covering. As an environmentally responsible company, all products that are used are non-toxic and biodegradable. Technicians have the expertise to clean carpets and rugs including oriental rugs which have very specific cleaning methods to preserve their quality and longevity. They are also adept at repairing rugs as well as restoring carpeting.

Furniture Care

Experienced technicians also offer upholstery, leather and mattress cleaning. They are prepared to clean the various types of furnishings as well as offer the owner tips on how to maintain them in between cleanings. They understand that furniture is valuable and is not easily replaced. They can remove stains from the various types of surfaces without causing damage. Technicians can restore damaged upholstery and leather furnishings effectively. This can be much less expensive than replacing a piece. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is important to have mattresses cleaned regularly as well. Proper cleaning can prevent various pests such as bedbugs, lice, or fungi from living in the mattress. Non-toxic cleaning methods will rid the bedding of various unwanted pests and leave the bed feeling fresh and new.

Flooring Services

Right Choice Maintenance & Cleaning also offers full service flooring services. Technicians are trained in each type of surface such as tile, marble, wood and linoleum. Surfaces will each be cleaned thoroughly and waxed. Wood floors will be sanded professionally so that no damage is incurred. In order to preserve the wood, it will be refinished, waxed and buffed. Tile floors require special attention to ensure that the grout is also cleaned adequately and then the floors are waxed using the best method for the flooring and level of wear and tear. Marble flooring is elegant and sophisticated. Right Choice trained technicians will clean marble floors and countertops in order to keep them looking shiny and new. In order to preserve linoleum flooring technicians will professionally clean the floor so that the sheen will last. They will use the right types of machinery and techniques on the flooring to keep it looking its best.

Exterior and Interior Services

Right Choice also offers professional cleaning services to the exterior portions of the home. Technicians can provide deck cleaning and finishing as well as brick and siding cleaning. Homes can also be power washed when needed. These cleaning services will keep the exterior of the home looking exceptional, greatly improving its aesthetic appearance. Technicians are also qualified to perform professional cleaning services on the inside of a home or office. They can clean virtually every area of the home including bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Basements, home offices, laundry rooms, attics and garages, air ducts are all among the areas they have the expertise to handle. Commercial offices can also be professionally cleaned by highly qualified technicians. Right Choice provides any type of professional cleaning including structures that have been damaged by floods or water.