YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the fastest growing video marketing tools available. By creating and uploading content onto the YouTube site, a company or organization can get their information in front of a lot more eyes. Establishing a YouTube channel will allow you to store and organize all the company videos in one online location. It is also a useful tool provided by the advancements of the Web 2.0 platform since videos can be viewed, “liked” or shared. It is not difficult to get a video together. YouTube videos can be an essential element in a video marketing campaign. Here are some ideas and specific suggestions on how to market your business’ YouTube channel.

Link to Your Website

Once you get the channel set up the way you want it and have uploaded high quality content that is relevant to your business or niche, you will want to encourage subscriptions. Customers always have the option of subscribing to your channel directly from YouTube; but putting a widget on your business website or blog is another way to increase subscriptions. You may also choose to put the link to related YouTube videos on specific blog posts, or website content.

Plan for Social Media

Be sure to link to the YouTube channel from the main social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can provide information and links to your company site in the description field. This is the area which will appear right next to the featured video on the channel’s main page. You can also add links to your social media sites once you log onto your main page. Click on the “social” tab and then select the accounts that you want to be displayed on the main page of your channel.  When you create useful content it can be shared on the various social networking sites. Friends and other users can also share the videos through social media channels.


It is possible and advisable to use branding with your YouTube channel. Even though you are keeping the videos on their channel you can choose designs that will make it look more like a branded page. It is possible to edit the background and choose colors and images that match your business and of course you will want to add your brand logo to the top of the page. You can brand the background using images and various buttons which provide additional company resources.

Create Easy to Navigate Playlists

Sometimes you will see a YouTube channel that has a brand’s videos all in one huge cluttered mess. To make the site easier to navigate for viewers organize the content by topics or content. This will also help you be able to highlight your better content on the homepage which can mean a lot more views. Site visitors are more likely to look around if content is organized and easy to navigate.

SEO Techniques

Remember that your YouTube channel can be optimized for the search engines. By going through the “Settings” tab you can provide an accurate and descriptive title for the channel. You may also assign tags to the channel that may be used by users in a query. Each time a new video is uploaded, be sure to title and tag it appropriately for search engine optimization.

General Management

Creating a great looking, functional channel is only half of the work, it is important that it be made available to the Web 2.0 population and that it be seen by interested parties. If you set up the username to be the same as your brand the profile page should begin to rank in SERPs for any brand name searches. This alone can bring visitors to the site. But just setting up the site is not enough; it will take constant work to make it a success. Just like a site needs fresh, relevant content to help keep online traffic flowing, your YouTube channel will need new videos at least once or twice a week. Being an active YouTube user will help increase your following and brand exposure.