Video Online Marketing

Video Online Marketing Cloud

It has not taken too long for YouTube to be a major player in online video marketing. However, they are not exclusively the only resource for marketing or promoting videos online. There are actually many different choices for those who want to make their video content accessible to the Web 2.0 audience. This is actually an area that is continuing to open up new ways of distributing or sharing videos across the internet. Your blog, website and the various social networks can all be part of a video web marketing campaign. Here are just a few effective ways that you can promote your video content online.


A Podcast is an audio or video clip which can be downloaded for no cost. You will need to use a “teaser” video which contains content that is both interesting and high quality. This will be used to obtain subscriptions to your podcasts. It will need a designated number of subscribers but when you reach that number you can debut your video.

Social Networks and Video Portals

Showyou is a new video portal that is set up similar to YouTube. Users can share video content which is made accessible through virtually any computerized or digital device with a screen: iPhone, iPad, TV and the computer screen. This is just one example of a video portal through which videos can be shared with a broad audience.

Facebook is not specifically a video portal but they can be uploaded onto your profile page. Users can also create their own Facebook Business Page which can be used for distributing videos. MySpace is another social media site but it has lost a lot of popularity over the last few years and has been overshadowed by social giants like Facebook. But MySpace has remained a favorite site for uploading music videos. Flickr is also a social network site which allows you to upload video content. This site can get the content seen by millions. Once videos are uploaded, just be sure to make them “public.”

Twitter can be used to share a link to video content and there are many different social bookmarking sites through which links to your videos can be shared.

Blogs and Websites

It is highly likely that you already have your own website and related blog. These can be useful tools for distributing video content. The videos will need to be optimized for search engines and they will need to be converted to a web optimized format such as Flash. Blogger is one of the easiest sites to use since it is very manageable and it is free. It is also a Google product so that means that it is very easy to link with other Google applications. These are useful when communicating with clients. LiveJournal considers itself a “community publishing platform” which has a unique combination of social networking and blogging. There are a wide variety of tools available to users and links to your videos and other pertinent online content can be shared on this social media platform. Some say that this site has the potential of doubling the distribution of video content with very little effort.

Full Service Online Video Platforms

Another option is a software on-demand service that will help you manage and publish video content. They cater to corporations and businesses and of course they are not free. But their services provide asset management, video players, analytics, video editing, hosting and distribution along with many other features. Brightcove is an online video platform. They will up load your video content to their servers and help you create your own customized video website. They have plans that start around $100 per month. CreateSpace is another company that will buy videos. Your viewers can opt to download videos to rent, or to own through Amazon Video On Demand.