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We all generally agree that it is very important to use NJ SEO best practices when setting up a site, and even a blog. There is no doubt about this; but what about all our web marketing tools? Sometimes it is easy to focus on them one at a time without building a cohesive unit that can all work together as a whole. Not one of our social media platforms can stand by itself and carry the load of a web marketing strategy. Instead, if we can optimize them all, get them to work together so that they point traffic to a single site, then we can see some results. A solid social media strategy will optimize each platform and integrate them so that they drive traffic to the main site so that you can reach your business goals. Here are some notes on ways to optimize social media platforms so that they work together.

Optimize Your Social Media Platforms

It is very important to have a social media strategy, but when it is optimized it can be much more effective and further reaching. When you are adding content make sure that it is set up so that your readers can easily share it across multiple social media sites. Optimizing social media platforms on the web 2.0 is a collaborative effort in the sense that nothing should stand alone; it should all work together for a common goal. For instance, your blog may be set up to be the hub of a social media campaign. Once it is established and you regularly update it with fresh, relevant content it should be promoted through numerous social sites. Make sure to give readers a variety of choices.

It is also important for you to be actively engaged in the conversations that may be generated. This helps establish a trust between your business and the Web 2.0 community. This will get you in a good position to be able to handle any negative comments as well. It makes it easier to address any type of issue in a direct manner and present your own position to the online community.

Social Media Presence – One Common Goal

It is easy to forget that all your social media and online content is all linked together. Each one is not a standalone strategy; instead they should all be working together toward one common goal. The Web 2.0 provides many platforms from which you can share content for web marketing purposes. But content and social media must all be connected and integrated to be effective. Of course each is a tool that has the potential of increasing site traffic, improve SERP rankings and bring in more revenue. But they all need to work as one in order to achieve all these goals.

There are ways to bring these platforms together. Use the same keywords on all the platforms available. Use them to build conversations, interactivity and relationships with your clientele. They can each be used to engage users in a “call to action.” Remember that all the platforms are interconnected and work to a common goal.

Optimize Content

Content comes in many forms, all of which can be optimized and in unison. To optimize your content you will want to create content that is interesting and relevant as well as easy to share with the online community. It should encourage users to offer their input as well. It is very important to be engaged in conversations that may erupt pertaining to your content. Also, remember to keep your content up to date. This helps keep readers or followers engaged and interested. Be very consistent with the updates as if there are huge gaps, you can lose your audience. And don’t forget to use your main keywords in the content and in your updates.