Social Media

Social Media via wikimedia

Having a seasonal business does not mean that you only have it on your mind during the peak of the season. Even though business owners hopes that it will do well during its peak, they must also be aware of ways to keep the business in the minds of clientele during the off-peak seasons. There are a wide range of digital marketing strategies that can help business owners do that.

Email Marketing Campaign

It can be easy to overlook this powerful tool, especially when we are talking about a seasonal business. We are not talking about just sending a plain text email message directly from your email server, but using an email marketing solution. The best time to concentrate on growing your list is while traffic is at a high. Once you have compiled the list, send out timely and relevant promotions or communications during the rest of the year to help keep the product or business in customer’s mind. This way when they are ready to make next year’s seasonal purchase, they will already have your business in mind. Make sure the newsletters offer a strong call to action to drive its readers to the site. The more often they visit the site the more likely they are to make or plan a purchase.

Be the Expert

During the off season is the best time to get established as an expert. This can include webinars, speaking at venues, or keeping up with the business’ blog. This can be done without making direct sells. Make your presence known on forums and various sites as you share your knowledge of your topic. The more you are out there and sharing pertinent information on your topic, the more you will be seen as an expert on your product, service, etc. and your opinion will be respected and desired. Since this is your business, being an expert should be easy! Always present yourself as an expert in a way that is tasteful and tactful and potential customers will soon be regular customers.

Social media

A seasonal business is a good place to activate and maintain a social media strategy as part of your marketing plan. It will require some time spent on sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus. These are just a few of the many options that are available. You may also get involved in niche sites that are appealing to your particular clientele. Do not make the mistake of thinking of social media as a fad, but rather see it as a communication tool through which you can stay actively connected with your audience year round. But be sure to have a marketing plan when engaging in social media. Stick to the main theme – engaging seasonal visitors. Post a balanced mix of promotional items or relevant information. Tell consumers about new products, sales, contests or exclusive deals that will help drive traffic to the website. Make sure to remain human in your posts! You want to engage with your audience so be sure to keep the personal side engaged in the various posts they will need to see the human element; not just see a lot of robotically generated posts.

Of course there are plenty of other marketing tools that can be used throughout the year to promote your seasonal business. These three are simple solutions to maintaining contact with clientele even during off seasons. These are effective as well as familiar platforms that can be used to help build and maintain solid ongoing relationships with clientele during the off-season. With some creativity and diligence you will be able to keep your product in the minds of customers throughout the year.