SEO trends for 2013

SEO trends for 2013

Search Engine Optimization is not going away anytime soon. It is very likely that as long as there are search engines, there will be SEO because there will always be sites that want to land in those top slots in the SERPs. But just because the SEO specialist will still be needed in 2013 doesn’t mean that it will rock on as usual. There were some new trends in SEO best practices this last year and they will most likely continue. Here are some of the expected trends for SEO in 2013.

Mobile Search

It may be hard to believe that the first iPhone was just released 5 years ago, but since that time the Smartphone has become the standard in mobile communications. There are literally millions of Smartphone users and millions being added annually. Recent changes include a growing tablet market as well. These changes mean that mobile search is not just a novelty it is a reality that must be optimized. In the coming year websites and blogs will be prepared for mobile capabilities and mobile searches because site owners are going to see a lot more traffic coming from mobile devices. This will include some changes in web design as well such as the use of responsive web pages which can be viewed on any type of device.

High Quality Content

The saying “content is king” is going to remain true for 2013. However, it is imperative that content be written for the user and not the search engine. The search engines are not human but are looking for quality content not repetitive, lengthy articles. We also know that they frown on duplicate content. Online publishing will have to say bye-bye to reusing or redistributing the same content across multiple sites. To stay up with the current SEO trends it will be essential to keep producing lots of brand new, quality content for the web in 2013.

Will Conversion Rate Trumps Search Traffic?

Conversion rates will always be important to the bottom line, but in the coming months it may actually become more important than search traffic alone. Lots of websites can be optimized for a particular niche and rank well in the SERPs. But the site does not offer a high quality product or service that is needed to make the conversion. The SEO will still monitor search traffic, but as always ROI and conversion rates will be the final measure of success. Web site design will have to be optimized for the user which means that they will need to be high quality, high functioning sites that engage the user. Building high quality sites using quality content will be part of the SEO trends in 2013.

Headings and Title Tags

The title tag and headings have always been very important data when it comes to SEO best practices. The difference now is the information that search engines, specifically Google, will be looking for when the headings and title tags on articles are being indexed. The trend in 2013 will be to focus on article headings and titles that are specifically related to keyword based content. Those who are responsible for publishing content will need to break it up into sections so that each section is very clearly addressing a specific topic.

The Human Aspect

Google used to be highly criticized for being inhuman. The older algorithm made it very easy for black hat SEO strategies such as low quality content or keyword stuffing. But over the last few years Google and the other search engines have been able to incorporate a more human element that helps determine how a site or page is ranked in the SERPs. In the coming year, rankings will continue to be more humanized which means that quality content and social media data will become even more important to the SEO.