Banner Ads

Banner Advertising

In today’s world of interactive media which is available through the Web 2.0 platform, building a website in itself is inadequate for keeping a competitive edge. Even for those who have a great product or service to offer available at a reasonable price or a website design that is interactive and attractive, there has to be a creative and effective way of increasing the volume of traffic to the site. A well designed SEO strategy can be a useful tool for generating consistent traffic; but part of a good web marketing strategy will include some form of online advertising. The type of advertising used may depend largely on what the budget allows as well as the targeted audience. There are some free methods that can be employed but it is very difficult to improve on the ease and speed of a paid advertising campaign.

Banner Advertising

The concept of banner advertising is a very simple one and is actually older than the search engines we are familiar with today. In its most basic state, a relevant website is chosen on which the banner is displayed. The banner usually has an attention-getter like a catchy headline and image. It should target a particular audience who will click on the banner and be directed to the desired site. The average click through rate for banner advertising is roughly between 2 and 5 percent. If the banner is on a high traffic site where many internet users will see it, this can be very profitable for increasing traffic to the site. Pricing is generally based on a certain number of impressions. A business pays for their ad to show up a certain number of times regardless of whether or not anyone clicks on the advertisement. The average cost for banner advertisements is between 30 and 50 cents per one thousand impressions. Premium websites can charge more because of their size and popularity which provides the opportunity for more people to see the ad.  Although this in an option we do not recommend this strategy as it does not target a specific audience and may be costly; also the bounce rate that you get from banner traffic will likely be very high.

Pay-per-click Advertising

Google Adwords or pay-per-click advertising can be an excellent choice for businesses which have enough financial resources to invest in targeted traffic. Pay-per-click advertising is similar in a way to the basic principles used in an SEO campaign in order to gain targeted traffic. When an individual types in a keyword or keyword phrase into a search query, targeted ads will appear with the search results. This form of web advertising can be very effective for driving those interested in specific products or services to a site which can meet the need. The advantage of pay-per-click over banner advertising is that the business only has to pay for the times the advertisement is actually clicked by an interested party. This can be a very competitive market and will require a decent sized initial investment along with some careful research. But it can be well worth it when it comes down to ROI. It’s difficult to state even an estimate of the cost per click since it can be as low as 50 cents per click; or it can go up to a substantial amount depending on the competition, the industry and keywords being used in the campaign.  Additionally, PPC traffic often has a high bounce rate as well, thus reducing the value of the traffic.

Newsletter Advertising

Webmasters or email programs sometimes make ad space available in their newsletter or e-zine. This form of advertising works similar to a magazine or newspaper ad where a business or organization pays for an ad space. In web marketing and advertising this space can take up a large portion of a page, be as simple as a text link or any size in between. The advertiser pays the newsletter publisher according to the size of the ad. Prices can also depend on the publisher and the type and size of the audience reached. Making use of an email campaign by purchasing ad space can give a site or business a lot of exposure especially if the newsletter is from a relevant or related business type. This form of advertising can be flexible enough to fit into any size budget and is relatively inexpensive when compared to other forms of online advertising.