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One of the most important things about web marketers is that they must always stay engaged. It is imperative for them to stay up with the many changes in social media as well as Google’s frequent updates. There does not seem to be enough time in a day to check all the RSS feeds or keep up with the many different Google news alerts. That’s why subscribing to some marketing Podcasts can increase your knowledge about what is cutting edge and keeps a web marketing specialist in the game. These are a few of the marketing Podcasts that seem to be just a little above the cut of the rest.

Inbound Marketing University

It is certain that one can benefit from a lot of studying and many have already graduated from the Inbound Marketing University which is sponsored by Hubspot. It is a free course which includes a comprehensive exam and generally takes a couple of weeks to complete. The content is distributed through the media of Podcasts which is basically the lectures for the classes. Podcasts are one hour long each and 18 lessons make up a unit. Marketing professionals can greatly benefit from listening to these Podcasts on a wide variety of topics such as viral marketing or social media.

Rain Today

This is a premiere resource for any marketing or sales professional. RainToday is not always just about inbound marketing, but on various aspects of marketing. There are many different topics covered by these Podcasts but rather than a lecture format, Podcasts are done as an interview with an expert on the topic being discussed. Some of the more recent Podcasts include an interview of Matt Heinz concerning email marketing, and Kristen Zhivago on the biggest changes in the behavior of buyers. These marketing Podcasts are generated to be useful for marketing professionals who desire to improve ROI and grow professionally. RainToday has a vast library which can offer instant access to some of the very best marketing Podcasts available.

Marketing Over Coffee

Two marketing experts, Christopher Penn and John Wall collaborate to share their insights on marketing. Their format resembles a radio talk show, except that it is literally a conversation between the two experts which is recorded at Dunkin’ Donuts. One of the best things about Marketing over Coffee’s podcast is that it is really centered on answering questions submitted by readers or listeners.  For those followers who have questions about marketing news or inbound marketing, they can be submitted to the two hosts via voice mail. A portion of each week’s show is dedicated to answering these questions. The most appealing thing about this particular marketing podcast is that they answer real-life questions.

Hubspot Marketing Update

This weekly video podcast is basically as the name implies; it is a marketing update. Topics may include some of the trending areas such as content creation, social media and search. These can be discussed from many different aspects including how quickly the trends may change.  This is a very beneficial weekly report which alerts listeners to any recent changes in the marketing world. This is a great journalistic podcast yet has just enough humor blended in to keep it interesting and engaging.  Recent Podcasts included topics on some of the latest trends and the role of social media. Two top news stories which included social media were Chick-fil-A and the London 2012 Olympics. For those who stream the podcast live, a big plus is being able to connect to other professionals via twitter. Hubspot is one of the best Podcasts for encouraging viewers/listeners to make the most out of every social marketing experience.