Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

Once a Facebook page has been created for a business the next step is to grow the fan base. To get started you will need to do a simple analysis through which you can develop your goals. Knowing what you want ultimately will help you decide what actions need to be taken. What do you hope to accomplish by maintaining your Facebook page? If all you want is lots of exposure, then gathering up a huge number of fans may be all that is necessary. Or perhaps you want these fans to eventually become customers; and the Facebook page to be used for selling products and services. Having a Facebook page with plenty of fans may initially cause at least some increase in sales. Using a Facebook page can be a beneficial part of a social media strategy which can help increase the company brand, help with reputation management, improve customer support and convert fans into business advocates. Then over time, these will help grow sales. But initially the goal should be to expand the page’s reach, share relevant business information, influence customers and potential customers, strengthen customer trust in your skills and expertise and engage the fans. There are several things that can be done to promote a Facebook page.

Attract People

The first thing that will need to be accomplished is building a large fan base. Facebook has a built-in feature that allows users to invite contacts. On the Edit Page click on the “resources” tab on the left and then select the Tell Your Fans option. From there contact files or email accounts can be searched for those who are using Facebook. As long as the contacts are in CSV format and there are not more than 5000 of them, they can be uploaded. To use Gmail contacts you will have to export them as CSV and then import them to Facebook. Some of your contacts are likely to become fans of the page and some will ignore the request. It is best to only send these requests one time. But you may consider offering some sort of incentive or reward for becoming a fan. You can also embed a link in an email signature; add it on business cards, website or other marketing materials to broaden your fan base.

Add a Facebook “like” box

It is important that your business website, blog or any other associated web page use social media strategies. There should be buttons available whereby customers or site visitors can share what they find about your business with their personal social media audience. Adding opportunities to share your business site or information across social media platforms is an essential part of a successful web design. Be sure to add a Facebook “like” box to your site to make it easy for customers to find and share your Facebook page information.

Develop Online Relationships with Similar Businesses

This can be a very beneficial step which can help promote a Facebook page. Developing business relationships with businesses that are similar or complimentary can end up providing useful links and information. It can also help to promote the page by referring people to your business page. For example, if you put links to their site on your business site they can reciprocate by promoting your pages including your Facebook posts. It is important to build strong relationships with businesses that you have no problem recommending. An example of a good pair is if you have a web development firm you can link up with a graphic designer and add their Facebook page to your “favorites” list on your page and vice versa.