Facebook Page

Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook Page for a small business is an essential part of web marketing today. There are more than 750 million users worldwide and a Facebook Page increases the chances that you can interact with more of them on a business level. When you create a Facebook Page it give customers a sense that they really know you or your business and is a great tool that can help build a rapport with customers. Customers who trust you and know your business are much more likely to be loyal and to recommend your services to others. A Facebook page allows some features that can be more difficult to implement on a website. It is easier to run a contest or promotion and it’s an easy way to advertise without it costing enormous amounts of money.

Some studies indicate that customers are more likely to interact with favorite brands on Facebook more than they might on any other social network and they are more likely to recommend a brand and purchase it after they have become a Facebook fan.  And since search engines index Facebook pages anyone outside Facebook can find your Facebook page.

Purpose of a Facebook Page

Facebook pages are for organizations, brands and businesses to be able to share their information and connect with people using this social media platform. Pages are similar to timelines in that they can be customized by adding apps, hosting events, and posting stories for starters. By posting regularly you can grow your audience by engaging with them. Users who “like” the page will get any updates in their facebook news feeds. The Facebook Page can be created and managed from your personal Facebook account; which you must have to create a Page.

How is a Facebook Page different from a Group Page?

Groups are set up to allow a closed space for small groups to communicate with each other. A group page can be created by anyone who has an interest in creating it. A Facebook Page must be created by an official representative of the company. They are set up to allow businesses, celebrities, brands, and organizations to directly communicate on a large level with those who like them. These two options are different in other ways as well. A group page is closed and only members of the group can see posts; but a Facebook page is open and the Facebook public can see any posts or information.

Each has an entirely different audience too. Members on group pages must be added or approved. Once a group reaches a certain size, some of the features are limited. The audience on a Page is virtually unlimited as anyone can like the Page. And communication is different in that on groups members automatically receive notifications when a member makes a post; Admins on Pages can share posts and they will appear in news feeds of those who like the Page. They can also develop customized apps for Pages and they can track the growth and activity of the page.

Benefits of a Facebook Page

When you make the Facebook Page you will enter keywords in the Business Page Title and these can be indexed by search engines. This means that anyone can find your business on Facebook by entering a search; and with millions of Facebook users, your Page can help drive traffic to your business site. These pages can be used to share information about special offers, discounts, or events with fans/customers. Creating a Facebook Page can provide relevant backlinks to your web site which makes it an essential part of a social media campaign.