Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic

Obtaining referral traffic is an important tool for an SEO campaign. After all the goal of SEO optimization is to get a site ranked high in search engine result pages (SERP) so that traffic to the site will be increased. One way this traffic is measured is by referrals, or referring sites. When you use various social media strategies and link building strategies you certainly hope that they will work to increase traffic to your site. There is a strategy to increasing referral traffic.

Ways to Increase Referral Traffic

Referral traffic comes from outside pages which provide links back to your site. There are many different strategies that can be used to help increase referral traffic. Obtaining referrals can come from many different sources including using social media strategies. Always include various social media share buttons on pages and web publications. Some of the most popular are the Facebook “share” or “like” button or a retweet button. However, they are not limited to these two sites alone. There are many social media platforms to use across the web 2.0. Be choosey about the ones you include. You will want to include as many as is reasonable and generally, it is a good practice to be involved on those sites and links as well.

There are many sites such as squidoo and Scribd that are designed for users to upload information in their niche and then link them back to their site. These can be valuable referral links when used appropriately. Many social bookmarking communities can be used to provide referral links too. Social sites can be invaluable; when one person visits your site and then shares it on web 2.0 platforms potentially thousands of users can find your site.

Never underestimate the power of the blog. Providing guest posts on other user’s blogs can be a very effective way to increase referral traffic. Writing content for another blog not only helps branding campaigns, it can also provide more opportunity for others to be informed about your product or services. These links help increase referrals as well.

StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and YouTube are all great sites that can send a lot of referral traffic to your site. It will require your participation in uploading videos or information but as long as they are updated frequently they will provide considerable referrals to a site.


Why Build More Referral Traffic

Referrals are basically any online traffic that reaches your site by using a hyperlink from some other site. Upon arrival on your site, the referral information is obtained. This will include any referring URL as well as the time and date. Referral traffic is relatively easy to obtain, and yet difficult at the same time because it is a reflection of the quality of content your site contains. However, referral traffic is a very good indicator of the popularity of your brand; and it is a very good source of natural backlinks. Referral traffic can come very quickly. Many times as soon as you leave a guest post or post an interesting comment on a popular post traffic can come almost immediately. Just make sure to diversify so that the incoming traffic is from a wide range of sites. The search engines will then see these as quality traffic to your site and many of your referral sources will also provide your site with quality Dofollow backlinks, which will help you, rank in search engines.

How Good Referral Traffic Increases SERP Ranking

The search engine algorithm for ranking sites remains an enigma. But it is certain that part of determining a site’s ranking in search engine results is the number of generic, or quality links that provide traffic to the site. One part of building an effective SEO campaign is to generate outside referral links from quality sites. Usually, these sites will be closely related to the site’s main keywords. Having quality links is part of the algorithm that is used to determine where a site falls in the final ranking results. This is of course only a single piece of the SEO puzzle but it is one of the more important pices that can increase the probability of success.