Creating original, quality content will be included in the overall web design for any business. All the content on a page should center on the product or service that you are offering to your customers. The point of your content is to show customers that you have the products or services they are looking for. Each page should contain content that is of a balanced length, neither too short nor too long. It should be at least 2 paragraphs but not typically more than 4. Give your readers relevant information about the topic. It is also important to use keywords appropriately in the content.

Good Content

Good Content

Use of Keywords

While good content should make wise use of keywords, it should not be filled with extreme overuse of keywords. Panda will recognize keyword stuffing very quickly and it will be tagged as lacking good content which will certainly lower the site’s ranking. Part of website optimization is including keyword usage of about 1-2 percent. This means that for a typical 400 word piece you only want the main keyword used about 4 or 5 times. Related keywords may be used but should not be overused.

Creating content that is full of useful and interesting information can be a large part of website optimization. It is more than just a nice place to put keywords to catch the eye of the search engines. Quality content on a site is beneficial for both search engine optimization and capturing the attention of site visitors.

The Key to Good Content

Perhaps the best way to approach the content on your site is to think about it a different way. You cannot talk to more than one customer at a time, however, through your website a customer or potential client can read about your business or products 24/7. When you are writing your content, write like the customer is sitting across from you. If you had the opportunity to speak directly with a potential customer, what would you want them to know about you and your business? Write as though you were speaking directly to your customers.

Content needs to be written in a way which provides adequate coverage of your topic. Make sure it is original and well written. Always check and double check content for grammatical errors. And finally, content needs to be worth sharing with social sites such as social bookmarking communities.


Effect of Good Content

There is a definite positive effect from quality content that is shared across the web 2.0 and social media platforms. Search engines are beginning to use various social bookmarks and backlinks. Marketing specialists report that social media is having a greater influence on SERPs than before.  Many are also reporting a positive effect on sales due to site content, or branded content. This positive influence includes content on more than just primary websites. Many marketing experts cite that many online businesses have increased their customer base through sites such as a company blog which is linked back to the main business website.