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There has been very little research on the effectiveness of long tail keywords. However, what little has been conducted has shown some very interesting results. For some, it seems like it’s a little bit upside down. The “most popular” searches account for a very small percentage of search engine traffic. And actually, even if you tried to monopolize the top 1,000 terms in your particular niche you will only be getting about 11 percent of the traffic. The long tail keywords account for somewhere around 70 percent on average. In fact every day search about 20 percent of the total search engine queries are completely unique terms that have never been searched before. These “long tail” and very unique keywords can drive abundant traffic to your site if you know how to manage them properly.

What is the Long Tail?

Long tail keywords

The long tail

The long tail are the thousands, and sometimes millions, of unique searches that occur. These may only occur once or twice and then literally never be repeated. But when they are all added up they account for the vast majority of unique searches by internet users.  The trouble for those working in web design is trying to identify these long tail keywords. Realistically, even if you do locate a few of them they may never be used again. The value then is not in each individual search, it is in the amount of searches they account for overall.

The Long Tail and SEO?

When you understand how critical the long tail search can be you’ll want to know how to effectively use them in your New Jersey SEO marketing campaign. The long tail keywords will need to be targeted in the content that is placed on the site. Content that is featured throughout the site will appeal to a broad spectrum within the niche rather than trying to direct it at one particular query.

Maximizing Long Tail Keywords

Doing long keyword searches will not really work for maximizing long tail keywords. However, you do want to try to examine various searches that go as far down the tail as is possible. You can use various different strategies for this. Rather than looking at a specific keyword, you are looking for the overall trend, or pattern. They your efforts later will be to try to come up in more unique searches.