When is the last time you picked up a newspaper or searched for a phone number using the Yellow Pages? If we think about these pages honestly we have to say that we do not look to these types of resources nearly as much as we used to. When you do a price comparison between e-marketing and traditional approaches to marketing, the numbers are amazing. Traditional marketing will typically cost somewhere between 2 and 3 dollars per lead. Broadcast mediums like television and radio cost somewhere between 10 and 40 dollars for each sale. Internet marketing can be as low as $.60 per lead to about $1.40 per lead. It is the most cost effective of the marketing strategies. There are several aspects to web marketingthat makes it advantageous.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Retrieval Speed

We live in an information age and when we are looking for something, we want it now! This is one advantage internet marketing has over traditional marketing. It is much quicker to type a product name in the search engine than it is to stand perusing through a phone book trying to find the right word with a listing under it. Sure it’s alphabetized to help us find things more quickly; but how many times do you stand there silently saying your ABC’s to figure out what comes next? An internet search yields much quicker results. This is one reason it is important to have a web presence and employ proper SEO marketing strategies. Customers want what they want and they want it now! (Just like you and me) Getting your site to rank high in SERP gets your business in front of potential customers much quicker than an alphabetical listing in the yellow pages or an obscure ad in a newspaper.

Content Accessibility

Consider the last ad you saw in a newspaper or magazine. How much could you learn about the business or product in such a limited space? Maybe a catch phrase, phone number and the name of the business was all it contained. Billboards, although larger, do not contain much more content either. A site that has a good web design will be able to present customers and potential customers with everything they need to know about your business. Website optimization will include the basics of advertising: name, address, phone number. But it will have detailed information about the product or services provided as well as a map so that customers can easily find it using any means. Internet marketing can give customers much more information than traditional marketing can in a small ad.

Audience Base

Using local television, newspapers and maybe even radio ads used to be the way to reach your audience base. While it may not be totally ineffective, it is still attempting to reach a very small audience. Especially considering that the vast majority of the population turns to the internet as their primary resource over these traditional options. The potential audience base for internet marketing is virtually unlimited. There’s a reason it’s called the “World Wide” Web.

Contrast and Comparison Conclusion

Traditional Marketing

  • Cannot target audience
  • Expensive and requires more investment of time for product promotion
  • Limited reach
  • Limited exposure (per issue, per newspaper)
  • No effective way to track the marketing investment


Internet Marketing

  • Ability to reach a targeted audience
  • Economical and quick method to promote products
  • Cost effective  global promotion
  • 24/7 advertising of your product of service
  • Very effective ways to track investments