A geo tag is the process of associating a geographical location with web page content. The webmaster can insert precise geographic coordinates in the code contained in a Meta tag which will tell search engines of an exact location. Geotagging usually consists of latitude and longitude coordinates for a location. This geographical identification in the metadata is usually used for photographs, websites, RSS feeds or videos. Geotags give search engines the precise data needed to find a particular location.

GeO tags

GeO tags

How Does A Geo Tag Work?

Geo tags are useful for those searching for a particular business such as a painting contractor. It is important to find one in a specified locality so that they can perform their services. Geo tags are added into the code to the header of the site or blog. For example if I am searching for a contractor in Essex, New Jersey, the html code would look like this:

<meta name=”geo.position” content=”40.794747;-74.264883”>

<meta name=”geo.placename” content=”Essex, New Jersey, United States”>

<meta name=””geo.region” content=”us-nj”>

How does it work? “geo.position” is the tag that sets the  latitude and longitude of the location. And  “geo.placename” is the tag which inserts the specific town that is targeted by the site. The “geo.region” tag gives the information of the region, such as New Jersey.

This can be very useful because you can use a geo tag which will give the exact coordinates of where your business is located. Utilizing a geo tag can be very useful for contractors who only work within a specified region.

Geo Tags for Local Business

Let’s use our painting contractor as an example. I typed in “painting contractor” into google search and got 6,380,000 results. However, when I narrow the search down by being geographically specific and use “painting contractors new jersey” my search results diminish by half. That is still a very broad scope, but I also get a list of local businesses in that category.

The benefit to adding geo tags properly is that when someone from the area starts a search for a painting contractor the search engine will see that my site is close in proximity and therefore, it is considered more relevant to the search. Geo meta tags do have an influence on a site’s ranking.

Choosing the Right Keywords

We saw the difference in search engine results when we narrowed our search terms down by using geo specific terminology. It is no different when we are choosing appropriate keywords for local businesses. Depending on exactly how you want to execute your local SEO campaign, you will most likely want to choose keywords that are more localized. Instead of using painting contractor NJ, you may want to incorporate more specific information into the selection of keywords. For instance, using Essex County, NJ will be more specific for a targeted area.

Using best SEO practices means that the selected keywords will also be used in the content of the site as well as titles, etc.  It will take a few months to get your ROI as a general rule. But after about a year with good results on painting contractor NJ, you will need to add other keywords or geo terms. The point is to not let the SEO campaign grow stagnant and be overtaken by the competition. You may want to add exterior painting NJ after doing further keyword research.