Microsoft released their new search engine, Bing, most of us thought the algorithm used to rank sites in search results would be the same. Everyone seemed pretty surprised to see Bing give Yahoo! a run for their money in the Search Engine battle; and overall Bing received good reviews. Its popularity raises a question or two, such as what are we to do now to optimize a site to rank high in Bing? And I think most of us are curious as to what th

SEO for Bing

SEO for Bing

e differences are between what Google looks for and what Bing searches for.

We are pretty familiar with Google and being able to get a site ranked in search engine results. Google’s results center around keywords and back links to the site from outside sources. Bing’s ranking algorithm is based on two things. One thing that a website owner has no control over is the age of the domain. Domains which have been up for a longer period of time will rank over newer sites.

The second criterion that Bing uses to rank sites in search results is centered on inbound links. The difference from Google’s algorithm is the placement of the primary keyword.  The main site’s primary keyword must be included in the referring site’s title tags. Google considers inbound links from anywhere, but Bing only looks at the links from other sites and directories which have relevant keywords.

For any of the search engines, quality content is essential but it takes more than this alone to rank higher in Bing’s search results. It is really about acquiring links from authoritative and relevant sites to boost a site’s rankings.

What does this mean for the small business or contractors who have been using proper techniques to optimize their sites? Marketing for contractors or local businesses is pretty much unchanged; especially to be listed in the top three of Google and Yahoo! search results. Site building is still important and the same SEO should be used. Continuing these good practices will keep the sites ranked high in the other two search engines.

In order to have a site rank high in Bing’s search engine results you will need to engage in some link building techniques. Instead of just trying to get as many back links as possible, you will want to build links from other sites with relevant keywords in their title tags. This can be time consuming and you may need to hire an SEO professional to accomplish this goal.