I would like to welcome you to my sixth SEO tip of the day; here I will discuss the value of using Google local.

Google local has become one of the leading methods (replacing the Yellow Pages) by which most of us obtain local information such as phone numbers of restaurants in our area… It is therefore crucial for everyone who has a website targeted at a local audience to have a listing on Google local (as well as Yahoo local, Bing local…) There are a few major benefits when it comes to using Google local, the first of these is that it is free, the second advantage being that it is really easy to set up.

When it comes to optimizing your Google local listing there are a few important things, the first is to choose the right category for your listing, choosing the right category will get you more targeted results and thus higher quality traffic. The second important thing is, if the name of your business does not clearly state what you do you should add keywords for your listing, for example “NetLZ – SEO consulting services, web 2.0 optimization, blog optimization