WOT Website Reputation Scorecard

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Remember when you were young, and your mother told you that the most valuable thing you owned was your reputation? Well… I hate to tell you this, but she was right.

Today businesses need to have an active presence on the web, each business needs a website, a blog and possibly an account on one, or a few of the dominant social media platforms, but the most important aspect of any businesses online persona is the reputation of this business online.

These days the term “online reputation” is thrown around left and right, but it is rarely explained, so I would like to take a moment to talk about what I mean when I say “online reputation”. Online reputation refers to the reputation that an individual, or a company (website) has on the web. This is best measured by doing a simple
Google search for your name, or your company’s name. What comes up when you Google yourself, is it your Linked In or Facebook page? Or is the first thing that comes up that embarrassing picture of you from last years Xmas party that your coworkers took at 3AM? What about when you Google your company? What comes up on the first page? Your company’s website, the blog, a mention on Yelp…? (Is that review positive?) Or is the third page that comes up a blog post written by a
disgruntled employee about how bad it is to work for your company and about how poorly employees are treated…?

The bottom line is that these days potential customers and clients are likely to do a Google search for you/your company prior to doing business with you, and if there is a negative article written about you or a negative review of your company posted on a review site like Yelp… this can do great damage to your business.

The issue of online reputation is particularly important for professionals such as Lawyers and Doctors b/c these individuals provide a direct service and potential clients may be reluctant to visit a doctor if they see that this doctor was mentioned in the newspaper for ___ offense; or reluctant to visit a lawyer if they find that this lawyer was once himself sued for… (Even if no charges were ever filed and the whole thing was a huge mistake, potential clients may not want to give you a second glance) But even teachers now require help managing their online reputation, with the emergence of site’s like rateyourprofessor.com college students are now able to post both positive and negative reviews about a professor, and if you are a new professor in a small college and you get too many negative reviews this can have a detrimental impact on the number of students taking your course and hence on your future career prospects…

As far as managing your online reputation, it is often impossible to remove negative reviews or articles on the web, but it is possible to make sure that there are enough positive articles/reviews about you, your business… so that the negative things will not have a strong impact. The basic rule of thumb is that if you have a negative article or review written about you, your business… that it should appear on page 2 or 3 of Google results, thus lowering the chance of being read. This is often a difficult task to accomplish, and if you are in need of such services I recommend that you contact an SEO company that provides professional online reputation management such as NetLZ. Let us fix your reputation for you!

Who Should Worry About Their Online Reputation?

These days we all need to be concerned about our online reputations, a bad online reputation can cost us a job, or may even break up a relationship.  One example of a profession that must be especially concerned about online reputation is doctors.  As with any profession, even the best doctor will sometimes have unsatisfied clients, and in today’s world those clients may go online and post bad reviews or may even start a blog where they bad mouth the doctor, cases such as this may end up damaging the doctors reputation and cost business.  Therefore doctors should actively manage their online reputation, and should engage in SEO for doctors so as to make sure that even if they get one bad review that it will not show up on the first page of search results!